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Kirk Fratzke Tue Oct 8 22:09:26 CDT 1996

Hi everyone,

I'm Kirk Fratzke, from Winona, MN, the keeper of FratzkeNet. You know I had to be the first one to get my name in here.

If anybody has any info they would like to add to the site, or to correct info that may be wrong send it to me via e-mail at the address above.

Thanks - hope you enjoy the site.

Kevin & Beth Fratzke Wed Oct 9 19:31:40 CDT 1996

Kirk, Great job on the family tree, as we gather more information I'll send you updated Family Tree Maker reports. We are planning a Family dinner for the Beyers side to gather more information.

Mark Conrad Fratzke Sat Oct 12 02:19:32 CDT 1996

Kirk, Thank you for this part of the Fratzke family genealogy. I'll send you the little information I have on the Pacific Fratzkes. Aloha, Mark

Karl & Sidney Fratzke Sun Nov 3 23:18:04 CST 1996

Aloha, We are the parents of Mark Fratzke. Karl is the great-grandson of August, this Fratzke was born in West Prussia in 1845. His family immigrated to the US in 1850. August owned a number of farms in Minnesota during his 105 year life time. His autobiography (such as it is) will be available from Mark. Kirk, thank you for providing your page (Fratzke Net) to help coordinate all this information. We hope more Fratzkes can contribute their part of the black and tangled web. Mahalo,

Karl & Sidney Fratzke CARE OF:

Michael Fratzke Fri Nov 15 16:11:42 CST 1996

Plaese contact me . I´am from Germany and 25 Years old. Sorry for my English

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Michael Fratzke

Evelyn Fratzke Wed Nov 27 09:30:15 CST 1996

Greetings from the Michigan Fratzkes! My grandfather (and family) immigrated to the U.S. in 1951 from Buchholz am Aller, Niedersachsen, Germany. They were previously part of a large ethnic German minority in Poland and settled in Germany after 1945. I am currently researching my part of the family tree and have traced back to Gottlieb Fratzke,born in 1807 or 1808, near Gabin (Gombin in German) Poland. I'd be happy to send what I have when I get it completed.

Jill Fratzke Thu Dec 12 18:47:51 CST 1996

Hello from Oregon! My name is Jill Fratzke and I am 28 years old. My parents are James and Barbara Fratzke and my grandparents (both deceased) were Clifford Albert Heinrich Fratzke and Fern (Dodd) Fratzke, both originally from Iowa. My brother and sister-in-law, Brian and Amy, and I all now live in Portland (I've just returned from living four years in Chicago). It's good to know that so many Fratzkes are out there!!

Kevin Fratzke Fri Dec 20 11:44:57 CST 1996

Please check out the Fratzke family tree I have posted via the Family Tree Maker web site. it's at http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/f/r/a/Kevin-C-Fratzke/index.html let me know what you think of it. I'll be updating it as I gather more information. I am the brother of Kirk Fratzke the keeper of this page. Kirk could you post a link to this page?

Mark Fratzke Sat Jan 4 02:14:56 CST 1997

Fratzkes, Happy New Year! Mark

Nathan Fratzke Sun Feb 23 17:19:43 CST 1997

Hello, my name is Nathan Fratzke, my parents are Ronald and Verona Fratzke from Minnesota, my grandparents (deceased) are Reuben and Stella Fratzke. I am currently living in Kimball, Nebraska working as Director of Maintenance for Missionare International (http://www.megavision.com/~business/misaire)

Nathan Fratzke Sun Feb 23 17:20:52 CST 1997

Hello, my name is Nathan Fratzke, my parents are Ronald and Verona Fratzke from Minnesota, my grandparents (deceased) are Reuben and Stella Fratzke. I am currently living in Kimball, Nebraska working as Director of Maintenance for Missionare International (http://www.megavision.com/~business/misaire)

Mark Fratzke Mon Mar 3 02:15:21 CST 1997

Aloha, Am I the first Fratzke to log on in March? I am the great-great-grandson of August, this Fratzke was born in West Prussia in 1845. His family immigrated to the US in 1850. August owned a number of farms in Minnesota during his 105 year life time. I recently gained access to a scaner I will be sending His autobiography (such as it is) to Kirk. Kirk, thank you for providing your page (Fratzke Net) to help coordinate all this information. We hope more Fratzkes can contribute their part of the tangled web. Mahalo, Mark

Gayle E. Dahlgren Tue Mar 4 16:00:59 CST 1997

Greetings from Texas! I am the oldest grandchild of Erick and Esther Fratzke (deceased) of Hutchinson, Mn. My great-great-grandfather, Carl August Fratzke, came over from Reetz, Germany in 1890. My great-grandfather was Theodore. I would be interested to hear from the grandson of Reuben and Stella Fratzke.My grandfather and Reuben were cousins. I am interested in hearing from any others who are part of my family.

Thomas A. Fratzke Sat May 3 18:19:09 CDT 1997

Great job on the Fratzke site. I didn't really expect to find a Fratzke site! My family is from Iowa. My father, who is deceased, is Frederick August Wilhelm Fratzke. I have a brother Bill living in LaPorte City, IA ( ) a brother David living in LaGrande, OR ( ) oh, and I am Tom, living in West Linn, OR ( ). I have some great history about one of the early Fratzke's, talking about the indians etc. I'll pass it along some time. Keep up the good work.

Mark Fratzke Sat May 10 02:31:31 CDT 1997

This is too cool, I look forard to seeing that piece of Fratzke history (see above). I hope you do pass it along to FRATZKE NET Where the elte come to meet. Aloha, Mark

Kevin and Paula Fratzke Sat May 10 13:21:23 CDT 1997

This is great! We are from Mora, MN and there is a small clan of Fratzke's in the area. Kevin has four other brothers, all of which are in MN. Their parents are Walter and Helen (of Mora). Kevin's uncle, Harold Fratzke, has a great knowledge of the Fratzke family, from their emigration from Germany to the settling in MN, to present. He has names, dates of birth, dates of deaths, etc. I will get this information from him and pass it along here.

My maiden name is Janousek. If anyone has heard of this name, please e-mail me at . I would be very interested in any information possible.


Jason Fratzke Fratzke.Jason.edu.mayo Mon May 12 04:24:27 CDT 1997

Hi: I am Jason Fratzke. I live in Rochester, MN. My great grand father was Arthur C. Fratzke from Winona, MN (deceased 1990) I am 25 years old and originally grew up in Chatfield, MN. This web page has me wondering about my heritage and connection with the rest of you. I must dig a little deeper. Have a great day.

Jason Fratzke Mon May 12 04:27:08 CDT 1997

E-Mail address correct now.

Evan Fratzke Mon May 19 16:10:53 CDT 1997

I'm a 14 yr. old 8th grader from Iowa. My parents are Harold and Elaine Fratzke. I have two sisters Nicole and Melissa Fratzke. My grandparents are Kurt (deceased) and Grace Fratzke.

Tom Fratzke Sun May 25 23:27:38 CDT 1997

Tom from Portland. Here's a question I'd like some of you to answer. A quick email would suffice. How do you pronounce Fratzke? Fra, as in say, frock? Or is it Fra, as in say say, fracture? My brother and I sometime debate this? I bet there are different pronunciations?

Mark Fratzke Thu Jun 12 00:50:32 CDT 1997

Mark from Honolulu. Here's an answer. I've always heard it pronounced Fra, as in, fracture.

Evelyn Fratzke Mon Jun 16 07:55:08 CDT 1997

The Germanic pronunciation is Fra, as in frock. How do most of you pronounce the end? Zke like ski or Zke like eh? The Germanic pronunciation is the latter.

Jill Fratzke Wed Aug 6 18:46:26 CDT 1997

Some nicknames for Fratzke: Fratzig, Fracus, Fratzkamonium, Fratty, the element Fratzonium...these have actually been used by people who just can't get it right.

Mark C. Fratzke Wed Aug 20 01:46:14 CDT 1997

Jill, Please clarify. Is Fratzkamonium excreted in the urine as the chief nitrogen-containing end product of Fratty acid metabolism? What does the element Fratzonium react with ? Aloha, Mark

Bill Seal Sun Aug 24 01:45:29 CDT 1997

Hi -

My mother's maiden name is Phyllis Fratzke and she was born in Cottonwood, MN in 1917 (?). Her father was Edward Charles(?) Fratzke.

My mother's brothers are: Harold Fratzke, still in Cottonwood, and Charles Fratzke, now in Northfield, MN. They each have several children.

I just looked through this quickly, but didn't see any reference to Edward Fratzke, nor any other Fratzke names that I recognized. Perhaps they're a "black sheep" branch or something! But, I had no idea there were so many Fratzkes!

The story I have been told is that the name is actually an adaptaion of the Swedish name Fraskaage (approximately!), who was a sea captain who emigrated to Germany. Anybody heard that story?

By the way, my mother (Phyllis nee Fratzke) says that they spoke German in her house and that was all she knew until she went to school at five years old.

Bill in MN

Charles H. Fratz Wed Sep 3 19:41:01 CDT 1997

Hi! Maybe we lost the key (KE). Fratz, Charles and Carl from Stuttgart, Germany. Not much info. Fratzs came to NY city and lived in getto, Grenwich Village. Half went to Lancaster County, PA. and now all but own a town (Accident) in Maryland. Other half, my Greatgrandfather Carl moved to Poughkeepsie, NY. My Grandfather was Carl, married to a Mary Murphy from County Cork, Ireland. What a mix! My father was Charles R. Fratz and my mother was Gertrude nee Hartley. To make a long story short, I'm a son of the Conferderacy (38th Virginia Infantry C.S.A.), and have a possible relationship to George Washington. Still working on this.

Your page is well done. My eleven year old writes in HTML, Java, and Java Script. He has designed and placed on the net two Corporate Home Pages for two local regional businesses, has two Corporations, maintains two commercial pages of his own, designed three small games that are on the net. He also resells Domains. He may be looking for help in the near future.

Nicole J. Fratzke Fri Oct 3 10:38:56 CDT 1997

Hi! I'm Nicole Fratzke, orginally from Sumner, Iowa, now living in Omaha NE. My parents are Harold and Elaine Fratzke, I have a younger sister Melissa and younger brother Evan, all still living in Sumner (Northeast IA). My grandparents are Kurt (deceased) and Grace Fratzke from Jesup, Iowa. My father has three brothers, one deceased, one living in California, and another living around the Jesup area. I also know there is Fratzke's down in Texas. Thank you for this site, I find it very interesting, keep up the good work. The Fratzke family is more wide spread then I ever thought it was! Keep in touch!

Ed Fratzke Sun Oct 12 16:35:44 CDT 1997

I'm the brother of Nathan Fratzke above. I've transplanted to Southern California. My wife Teresa and I have triplets Megan, Lucas, and Paige. I'm from the Ruben and Stella line. I have an old family history book my aunt made up a few years ago. I'll have to dig it up to see if I can add to the site.

Tom Fratzke Sat Oct 18 12:06:14 CDT 1997

My address has changed from the one listed above. Any more Fratzke's in the Pacific NW? Let me know. Was reading Jill's messasge above, how many of you have gotten mail with the name Fartzke! It's always a good laugh.

Deb Koplen Sun Oct 19 08:46:24 CDT 1997

I am a FRATZKE researcher because of their long association with the KOPLEN framily that runs all the way back to the "old country". My ancestor's sister Wilhelmine KOPLEN (b 23 Dec 1830; died 11 Jun 1917 at Freedom Township/Waseca County/MN) married August FRATZKE (b 10 JUL 1822; died 13 Dec 1903). When my Charles KOPLEN, he resided for a while at the FRATZKE farm in Marquette Co., WI. It seems that August was here befor my Charles.

Looking forward to finding more FRATZKE's and therefore more about my KOPLEN family.

Good job on the web page

Justin Fratzke Mon Nov 17 20:53:17 CST 1997

Hello all fellow Fratzke's! Greetings from Indianapolis, I just happen to stumble across this page and I can't believe all of us that are out there!

Steven Ristuben Thu Nov 27 10:49:47 CST 1997

I stumbled across the Fratzke site while searching Ristubens. William Fratzke, born 1903, was my uncle. His wife Verna (Totsy) was my father's sister. As a child and young adult, we spent many weekends in their home and they at my parents'. Bill and I used to fish a lot, in fact he took me ice fishing for the first time on the Mississippi near Prairie Island. It was cold and fishing was poor. I have never liked ice fishing since. We also went a few times in the river near Alma, Wisconsin. After he retired, he started making fishing lures and I enjoyed watching him perform the process in his basement. Both he and Totsy loved to come to the Twin Cities to shop until they dropped.

Gayle Dahlgren richdahl.com Sat Dec 6 10:00:20 CST 1997

I have been researching the Erick Henry Fratzke family. My mother was Erick and Esther Jordan Fratzke's oldest child. They were born in the Hutchinson, MN area and lived all their lives in the Hutchinson area. I have put together a little family history and memories from the children, grand-children and great-grand-children along with recipes from everyone. It was a really fun project. I didn't realize there were so many other branches of the Fratzke family. I enjoyed reading everyone's messages. Ed from Southern California, your grandfather, Rueben and my grand- father, Erick were cousins. I have corresponded with a couple of other members of your family, Michael in Indiana and Nathan in Nebraska. Would love to hear from you!

Kate Fratzke Thu Dec 11 13:18:04 CST 1997

Hello Fratzkes' I live in Winona MN and My parents are David and Carole (Thompson) Fratzke. My grandparents are John and Norma (Prigge) Fratzke. And I am the great grand-child of Hulda and William. It's nice to see so many Fratzke's all over and see that everyone is interested in our family history.

Ron Fratzke Fri Dec 12 22:31:27 CST 1997

I am Ron Fratzke (full name (Ronald Joseph Fratzke), I was born in Jesup Iowa, in 1961 My parents are Ronald W. Fratzke (deceased, 1961), and Bertha (Demuth) Fratzke, I have five brothers - John David, James Henry (deceased), Richard Paul, Gregory James, and Thomas William, and two sisters - Margaret Ann Fratzke Wolfe, and Mary Beth Fratzke. My grandparents, Henry and Clara, both deceased migrated to the USA as children I believe. They both ended up in Jesup Iowa. I have no idea who their brothers and sisters may have been. And I have little information about my father's brothers and sisters, as I was not yet born when my father died, both my mother and grandmother Clara found the family history to difficult to talk about. I have been living in Melbourne Australia for the last seven years. I am a Religious Brother in the Catholic Church. I would love to find out more about the family history, especially anything about Henry and Clara Fratzke, I believe Clara's maiden name was Loebeck. (I'm not sure if the spelling of the maiden name is correct). I too was surprised to see so many Fratzke's around the place!!!


Ron Fratzke, Down Under

Yvette Fratzke Wed Dec 31 13:23:32 CST 1997

What a pleasant surprise to see so many fellow Fratzke's alive and well! I am Yvette Fratzke of Chicago, IL. My parents are Paul Jr. and Nancy Fratzke of Janesville, IA. My grandparents are Paul Sr. (deceased) and Amanda Fratzke of Fairbank, IA. My grandmother just celebrated her 95th birthday last June.

Deb Koplen Sat Jan 17 18:48:53 CST 1998

Thought I would let you know that I found the starting place for my Koplen line, and therefor early FRATZKE's. It is Prossekel (now Przesieki) (Poznan) POLAND. In fact, one sponsor at the baptism of my g-grandfather on 8 April 1832 was a Henriette FRATZKE.

Anyone else out there that goes back to this part of Poland?

Vern Fratzke Wed Jan 28 15:31:18 CST 1998

This Fratzke Net is a great idea! Looks like most of the branches are connected back in Germany. This is my branch, as near as I have it for now.

I am Vernon Fratzke, originally from Oklahoma, but now in Virginia. My father was Arthur Julius Fratzke (b. 9/20/1903 d. 2/9/1982). My grandfather was Julius William Fratzke (b. 10/17/1977 d. 3/4/1951). He was born at Westfield WS, moved to Freedom MN after 1892, & moved to Oklahoma in 1901. My great-grandfather was Carl Julius Fratzke (b. 4/28/1837 d. 11/10/1892). He was born in Eichburg, Germany, moved to Westfield WS in 1856 or 1857. Next moved to Fairwater WS in 1878 or 1879. My great-great-grandfather was Friedrick Fratzke (b. 10/8/1810 d. 4/9/1889). He was born in Germany, moved to Westfield WS about 1856 or 1857. Next moved to Freedom MN about 1866. He married Johanna Luise Breitenhold (b. 12/11/1812 d. 7/15/1879).

My grandfather, (Julius William) had 3 brothers and 5 sisters: Emma (b. 3/31/1866 d. 4/2/1948), Mary (b. 7/2/1867 d. 9/6/1943), Herman (b. 12/7/1868 d. 7/23/1936), Minnie (b. 2/28/1870 d. 12/13/1954), Bertha (10/30/1871 d. 12/9/1959), Gustav (b. 4/20/1874 d. 3/3/1950), Melinda (b. 10/21/1875 d. 3/19/1957), & Emil (b. 4/23/1885 d. 10/21/1964). Most stayed in Wisconsin, except Emil who had gone to Pomona California and married Doris Oestmann. I believe Herman had a daughter, Eva, who married Ervin Eckart.

My great-grandfather (Carl Julius, aka Julius) had 5 brothers and one sister: John (b. 10/25/1833 d. 8/24/1896), Herman, Charles (or Carl?) (b. 6/2/1846 d. 7/23/1936), Gustav (b. 2/15/1848 d. 3/2/1923), William, & Mary (b. 1852 d. ?). John was the first to emigrate (arrvd. NY 1/3/1854), brought over the rest of the family, and later moved to Freedom MN in 1866. Most of the family subsequently moved to MN, except for my great-grandfather, who remained in WS. Herman later moved to Ripon WS. Mary fratzke married Ernest Miller and lived in Janesville MN. John Fratzke had three wives (Gering, Gussy, & Mathilda Barbknecht), and children by each: (1) Herman, William, & Charles; (2) Hulda who married Fred Kelling, & Gust J. who married Amy Lang; (3) Ed - moved to Texas, Henry, & Frank W.

I would especially like to hear from anyone who can connect their branch with mine -- and from anyone who can correct any of my errors -- or from anyone else, since we are all related.

Jason J. Fratzke Tue Feb 24 02:01:57 CST 1998

Kirk, I recently was married on June 28, 1997. Was wondering if you were the guy to talk to about updating the family tree. I married Jennifer Kuntz, of Owatonna. I am the great grand son of Arthur C. Fratzke. Thanks. Hi to all the other Fratzke's out there.

Matt Fratzke Wed Feb 25 18:25:30 CST 1998

Amazing to find this site on the web. Great work! I am the nephew of Tom Fratzke who has already signed the guest book a couple of times. David, one of the brothers that Tom mentioned, is my father. After graduating from college I moved to Vancouver, Washington where I now live.

Kirk Fratzke Wed Mar 17 16:32:15 CST 1999

Test...Sorry, lost a years worth of stuff due a technology hick-up...remember to always back-up!

Kay Ward Johnson Tue Mar 30 14:39:59 CST 1999

Hi.. I got webtv for a Christmas present and I love it. I'm from Minneapolis.born and raised in Southeast Mpls. I have six brothers..my Great Grandma on my father's side was Sophie Fratzke and she died around l950 or so. I was only 5 or 6 then. My Grandmother was Amelia Fratzke with sisters Doris, Elsie, Anne, Hilda, Clara and a brother, Harold. I don't know Sophie's husband's first name. Have any of you Fratzkes' heard of my family? This is so neat..I can hardly stand it. I never dreamed there were so many Fratzkes..and that those in the l800's and early and even middle 1900's (like my family) had so many children. I have five older and 1 younger brother. My Mom is in a Nursing home..she's almost 87 and now can't remember things from the past. I hope some of you will have heard of us and will let me know. I think my Grandma Amelia known as Millie, was the black sheep of my family. I have really enjoyed reading about all of the other Fratzkes..please keep writing in.

Thomas A. Fratzke Sat Apr 3 12:34:24 CST 1999

I have changed my email to msn.com. Still living in West Linn, OR. I built and maintain a site for an importer of german shoes. Stop by and visit josef-seibel.com.

Mark Fratzke Thu Apr 22 09:46:16 CDT 1999

Hi, I'm Mark in Marion, Iowa. I'm the grandson of Ed and Georgia Fratzke from Brandon, Iowa. My late grandpa Ed passed his farm onto my dad, Jack, and My uncle, Jerry. My Brother and I will farm it in the future. It is interesing to see the overwelming number of Fratzke's.

Dora Mon May 10 19:56:40 CDT 1999

I am searching two sets of Jackson's. Do you have very much on the child that married Chris Jackson? My set of Jackson 's is SAMUEL DAVID JACKSON-SARAH PONDER SAM JACKSON-LOU. THES ARE OUR GGRANDPARENTS. Your site is well organized. Hope mine can be as well. Happy Hunting I just love this new way for searching. DLA

Sabine Fratzke none Fri Jun 4 13:21:36 CDT 1999

Here the next: We are "lots of" Fratzkes in Germany. When I was a young girl my grandpa always visit our relatians in the holliday - it didn't matter which relation. So I know some fratzkes in germany. My nearer relations are all living in the south of germany. There are some more Fratzkes in the north of Germany (ex-East Germany) and we know them very well cause their parents and my grandfather's parents are brothers. Until the second war, they all lived in East Germany (Poland). One of my relations has some old documents form the years 17.. She told us, that in this documents the familiy was named "von Fratzke". My father always wants to make a family tree. He is not able to use the internet. I will show this sides to him....

David Lee Fratzke Wed Jun 30 12:52:15 CDT 1999

Hello to all of the Fratzke's

Thomas A. Fratzke (in the comments above) is my brother and Matt is my son.

Our deceased father was Frederick August Wilhelm Fratzke, born in Independence, Iowa the son of Elizabeth (Butke) and August Fratzke.

I have two sons and a daughter, Matt in Vancouver, Wa.; Justin, in La Grande, OR and Erika, in La Grande, OR.

My wife Linda and I live in La Grande, OR

My business email address at Boise Cascade is

Take care.

nancy reetz Mon Jul 5 16:45:05 CDT 1999

looking for johnn reetz from germany.died in 1927.wife name mary place of birth unknown.he did recieve his citizen papers around 1880 in mason county ky. no known relatives..

Bonnie Fratzke Schatz Waslaski Thu Jul 15 18:10:29 CDT 1999

Hi Kirk, My cousin Lynda in Pierre sent me an email to go to this site and so I though she finally got her home page done, boy was I surprised. I was really surprised when I opened up Charles Henry Fratzke and saw my name as the one who gave the information. This is fantastic. I am going to get my books out and check out all these names. It looks like some of my answers could be here. I am presently a student at Mankato State, yes one of these non-trads. I took summer courses and what a nightmare, but I will be done on the 23rd of this month and then I will spend more time at your home page. What a wonderful job you have done. Thanks. Bonnie

Brandy L. Anderson Thu Jul 15 18:10:59 CDT 1999

Hello my name is Brandy. I'm from Pierre, SD. My mother is Kathy (Fratzke) Anderson (of Ft. Pierre, SD). My Grandparents are Melvin and Phyllis Fratzke (of Pierre). I was a Fratzke before my mother got married when I was about 6 yrs. of age. I have 3 younger sisters: Kari (10 yrs in August), Samantha(9 yrs in Oct.), and Sondra(9 yrs in Oct.). I have been curious of how many other Fratzke's are really out there and are we all related. I'm sure all of us are in one way or another. Good job on the site, but it needs to be updated on the deaths and the grandchildren, etc... have a good one.. Brandy,17, of Pierre,SD

Keith Fratzke none Thu Aug 12 02:50:25 CDT 1999

My name is Keith Fratzke, It's August 12,1999 at 2:40 am. I am at work in Austin, Minnesota (Mower County). I work as a deputy sheriff. I live in Winona, Minnesota. You can imagine my suprise when I typed in my name and found all this. I kind of like finding out that I have relation in Hawaii. I'll have to check back and see if there are any new entries.

Maren Ristuben Dunlap Thu Aug 19 00:41:27 CDT 1999

Greetings from Tacoma, Washington. Like Steven Ristuben, I found this sight when looking for Ristuben. Steven's father, Francis Ristuben, is my cousin. In a round about way, this makes my family tree cross with the Fratzke family. My three brothers, Oliver, Arlen, and Peter (now deceased) and I were all born in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. I teach in the Clover Park School District and my husband works for Pierce County Parks and is a retired school teacher. We have two children, Paul (27) and Denise (24).

Darlene Milan Fri Aug 27 22:51:15 CDT 1999

To all Fratzkes on site, Carolina B. Fratzke m. to Johann Friedrich in the area of Smolnik,Slovakia, in 1850's, (my great-great grandparents,) son Ernest Emile and siblings immigrated and eventually settled in Maple Leaf (Elma,)iowa, and Rochester MN. Caesar Friedrich being my grandfather. Does anyone know where Leszes,Tremizen was in 1850's? Smolnik was part of Austria then, I need current day town names.

Juli Fratzke Tue Aug 31 13:18:02 CDT 1999

Hi! I happened to come across this site during a bored moment at work and I am surprised. I am in Michigan now, but my family is from Iowa. My great-grandfather Erwin Fratzke (deceased) lived in Oelwein, Iowa with his wife Marjorie - They are my oldest relatives that I know of, but there are other family members around Iowa. Anyone with ideas about how Erwin Fratzke fits into the Fratzke tree? He would have been born around 1910 or so, I believe in Iowa.

Michelle Fratzke Fri Oct 1 01:48:03 CDT 1999

This is great! I am so confused about the lineage of our family as it seems that each branch in each state extends from the same names! Carl, Julius, etc. It is nice to know there are so many of us out there! I grew up in Minnesota. I am now a Special Education teacher in Arizona. I am the daughter of Donald and Annette Fratzke. The grandchild of Paul and Mildred Fratzke. This has inspired me to do some research on the Fratzke family!

bill fr@zke Thu Dec 16 19:41:02 CST 1999

my parents were herb and joyce (null), and i was born in vallejo, ca.my uncle was/is norm, and my aunt was/is roberta. we're not so close. i live in seattle.

Teri Zipf Fri Dec 24 18:17:47 CST 1999

Hi all,

I am the granddaughter of Martha Fratzke from Hutchinson, Minnesota. My great uncle and aunt were Reuben and Stella, so hello to those of you who are related to them or me. I live in the state of Washington now, as do most of my sisters and brother. The rest of grandma's descendants still live in Minnesota, mostly.

Anne Fratzke Coan Mon Jan 17 14:01:30 CST 2000

My name is Anne Fratzke Coan. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. My father is Everett Francis Fratzke. He lives in New Bern, NC, but is originally from Independence, Iowa (Buchanan County). His father was Albert Fratzke. My mother, Ada Mae Goodwin Fratzke, is deceased. I have a sister Barbara, in California, a brother Melvin in NC, and a sister Margaret in NC. I am in touch via e-mail frequently with several relatives who are/were from Iowa. Will pass on this web site to them. Thanks for setting it up! P.S. Love your cat's picture!

Robyn (Fratzke) Hackworth rhack77webtv.net Sat Jan 29 01:22:45 CST 2000

Hello everyone, My grandfather is Robert Arthur Fratzke, from Miller South Dakota. My father is Merle Dean Fratzke from Kearney, Nebraska. I have relation that I know for sure in Montana and Oregon, and South Dakota, but was wondering if anyone of you are related to me. It is neat to see that there is a site dedicated to the Fratzke's. Even though I am married, I will never forget the Fratzke name. It is the name that will always be mine no matter what. Anyone can e-mail me and chat. Would love to hear from you all, Take care Robyn (Fratzke) Hackworth

mary martin Sat Jan 29 23:50:05 CST 2000

I'm the daughter of Violet (Fratzke) Wiebe, and granddaughter of John Fratzke & Mary (Hildebrandt) Fratzke. Grandpa came to the US from Germany in 1890(I believe) and if not from Reetz, had relatives from there. He settled in the Hutchinson, MN area and later moved to Mpls. I can't believe I found this site, since I've tried every other address I've run across and always came up with "no matches found" I have a couple of Fratzke "books". Email me if you think we're related and we can compare notes. Mary

Steven W. Fratzke Tue Feb 1 20:49:54 CST 2000

Greetings from Cedar Rapids, IA

My parents are Darrell and Ruth Fratzke. Darrell is the son of Albert & Margaret Fratzke, Independence, IA. Although there are several similarities in the list above. I'm not related to any of the Fratzke's listed. Interesting....

I'm 41, RR Engineer for Crandic Railroad, enjoy racing motorcycles for a hobby.

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters (Reva Marie, Ronald Lee, Leon Matthew, Dara Lou). I'll let them know about this site!

Take Care Fratzke Clan! Steve

Dan Nickolie Sat Mar 25 15:37:41 CST 2000

From Wisconsin my great grandmother was Hulda Marie Fratske (1873-1946) of the Waushara Co/Marquette Co area. She was married to William August Nickolie. Her sister was Anna Emilia (1879-?). Her parents were Albert Fratzke (1845-1927) and Whilemina Grams. Albert immigrated from the Posen area. (Its pronouced Frahtz-kee here.)

Interested in connections. Thank you.

Karen Fratzke Smith Sun May 14 09:46:41 CDT 2000

Here's an interesting story. On or about August 1971, I was married and living on Peninsula Avenue Burlingame California. I was still getting mail in my maiden name on occasion. One day the mailman delivered my mail to a Barbara Fratzke of South Carolina who happened to be living around the corner from me. I wasn't aware of this until the mail mix-up and one or the other of us called. I moved to Redwood City shortly after this and spoke to Barbara only once again. Does anyone know Barbara, she'd be in her early 50's was from North or South Carolina. I've never forgotten and actually have regretted not getting together with her. Karen

Sonia Meyer Wed Jun 7 00:12:41 CDT 2000

Hello from Hacienda Heights, California. Although I'm not a Fratzke descendant, my friend and neighbor, Marjorie Noe asked me to see what I could learn about her Grandmother, AMELIA FRATZE of Sleepy Eye, MN, who married HERMAN HAMANN.

I found Kevin Carl Fratzke's wonderful "Fratzke Family Home Page" on the FTM site in which Amelia is named as one of the daughters of Carl F. Fratzke and Augusta Yeska. Does anyone have any additional information about Amelia?

Jeff Fratzke Thu Jun 8 18:56:37 CDT 2000

I found an old newspaper clipping that was dated July 1936 and I thought it might fill in some gaps about the Fratzkes. The following is the complete text.

Obituary July 1936

Last Rites Held for Chas. Fratzke Deceased Was Over 90 Years Of Age At Time Of Death

Charles Fratzke died at the home of his son, F. W. Fratzke Tuesday, July 23, at the age of ninety years and twenty-one days. His death was due to the infirmities incident to his advanced years. The deceased was born on June 2nd, 1846, in Proseagle Shareque, Province Posen, Germany the son of Frederick and Johanne Louise Finster Fratzke. He was educated in the Christian Day schools of Germany. Throughout his active years he followed the occupation of farming. After coming to this country he had lived for a time at Green Bay, Wisconsin, and at Cottonwood, Minn. He came to Waseca County in 1869. On July 16, 1878, Mr. Fratzke was joined in wedlock with Miss Carolina Wilhelmina Beottcher of Freedom township. The following children survive: Mrs. Clara Kopten, Alma City; Mrs. Louie Frank and Mrs. Alvina Johnson, both of Cottonwood; Edward Fratzke, Cottonwood; Herman Fratzke, Berkeley, California; Emil Krueger, an adopted son, Alma City; and Fred W. Fratzke of Janesville His wife and a son preceded Mr. Fratzke in death. Two brothers-in-law and one sister-in-law, Herman Beottcher and Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Mueller, all of Janesville. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at one-thirty from the home and two o’clock at Trinity Lutheran church with Rev.0. F. Krause conducting the services. The pall-bearers were Herman Fratzke, Richard Fratzke, William Fratzke, Will Fratzke, Adolph Fratzke, F. G. Fratzke and Emil Fratzke, assistanit pallbearer. Interment took place in Janesville cemetery Among those from out of town who attended the funeral services were Adolph Fratzke, LaMoille, Minn.; Edward Fratzke and family, William Borch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Steffen, Ernest Lohmann, his father and mother and son Glen, Mrs. Alvina Johnson and daughters, all of Cottonwood; William Gens and family, Vernon Center; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson and Mrs. George Davis, Pemberton; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frank and daughter Irene of Wood Lake.

Kelly Ray Fratzke Sun Jun 18 21:38:45 CDT 2000

Hi, I am from the Fratzkes in Independence Iowa. My great grand parents are Albert and Margaret Fratzke (both deceased). My grandparents are Aaron and Eleanor Fratzke (both deceased). My Father is Dennis Fratzke. My aunts and uncles are Joann, Vicki (Fratzke) Peterson, Douglas, Gary and Leslie.

Rachel Davies none Sun Jul 23 13:01:37 CDT 2000

Hello from Jacksonville FL. My great grand parents are Margaret and Albert Fratzke. My grand parents are Ruth and Darrel Fratzke. My mom is Reva (fratzke) dubay. I am Revas second child Rachel. I have two brothers Andy 23 and Wayne 11.

mary martin Sun Jul 23 20:34:12 CDT 2000

I received an email from Bonnie (Fratzke) Waslaski last week and we were to exchange information. However, her mail was returned to me. Bonnie, if you read this, please con- tact me again.

Craig Treusdell ct@utech Tue Aug 1 02:07:47 CDT 2000

If anyone has any information about Charles Fratzke(1846-1936) - from Posen, Poland(formerly Germany) - son of Frederick/Johanne - esp. how and if he is related to Carl Fratzke, please e-mail me. I suspect that he is my great-great grandfather and there is very little info about him online. I also want to say "hi" to all the Fratzkes out there.

Craig Treusdell Tue Aug 1 02:08:46 CDT 2000

Fixed the email adress.

Brian Fratzke Sun Sep 10 09:43:40 CDT 2000

formerly of hutchinson, mn. i moved to colo. in 1976. my parents are kenneth and madge fratzke, still of hutchinson. i found this site looking for another fratzke directory ive heard rumors about. i will update you if i can find it.

Brian Fratzke Tue Sep 12 20:13:01 CDT 2000

greetings from colo. ive become somewhat intrigued by this site so ive browsed it extensively. i came out of the rueben and stella fratzkes (my grandparents) but i dont see any reference to them anywhere on this site. also to jill and her misspellings and mispronunciations, i applied for a boundary waters permit several years ago. it came back addressed to brain fartzke. how could they get both names wrong? dare i say anything about mn.

fratzke Sun Feb 4 17:24:46 CST 2001

greetings from berlin! here are susanne and sabine and michael fratzke. our father reinhold fratzke was born in stettin at 1935 an died in 1979. our sister sibylle (billi) has her 30th birthday at 20.february 2001. please send her greetings of all the fratzkes of the world!! :-) sabine & :-) susanne

fratzke, berlin Sun Feb 4 17:55:16 CST 2001

hallo! we are sabine,michael and susanne fratzke. please, could you send our sister sibylle ( ) to her 30th birthday (20.2.2001) greetings from all the fratzkes of the world!? or write :-) or :-)

Bonnie Waslaski Fri Feb 23 19:48:37 CST 2001

I just wanted to correct my e-mail address. I also am looking for any relative of Clayton Conrad Fratzke, he graduated from Crookston MN and attended a Naval Academy possibly in Rochester, MN. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks Bonnie

Wolfgang Fratzke Thu Mar 1 06:00:16 CST 2001

Hy fratzke´s! We´re 4 Fratzkes from Ulm, Germany. My brother Olli just saw this interesting page of our ´relatives´. I think we will contact some of you.....

Lisa Tue Mar 13 20:13:58 CST 2001

Hey! Do you know how long i've been looking of how to spell "fratzke"??? I knew my granny decended from that name, but i thought it was spelled Fratske or Fratski Fraskee or so on....THANKS to ASK JEEVES i finally found it!!!!! My pop said there aren't a lotta Fratzke's out there....but i'm sure we're all related!!!! I'm POLISH AND GERMAN now!!

Heather Reetz Fri Apr 6 16:48:15 CDT 2001

I would like e-mail from family of John Reetz.His father was Chris Reetz(Raetz) purssia, Germany. Became a usa citizen in 1880 in mason co. Ky.Died in 1927.

Becky Christensen Sun May 27 16:13:10 CDT 2001

Hello from Independence, Iowa. My maiden name was Fratzke. My parents are Louis and Iva Fratzke, my grandparents were Albert and Margaret(O,Brian) Fratzke(deceased), great-grandparents were Emil and Albertina(Kuyate)Fratzke, and my great-great-grandfather was August Fratzke. I know that Emil Fratzke had two brothers, Henry and Richard and one sister, Ida. Emil was born in Germany. There is an old German cemetery northwest on Independence, called The Cutshaw cemetery. There are numerous Fratzke buried there with German headstones. My husband Ken and I have two children and two grandchildren. I have two brothers. Tom lives in Milan, Illinois and Mike lives in Independence. I have enjoyed seeing so many Fratzke's. I'd love to hear from any of you, we may be related.

Josh Fratzke Tue Jun 5 16:17:37 CDT 2001

What's up ya'll, I hale from Jesup Iowa, and I don't know anything about my heritage or relatives, my grandfather was Ronald Fratzke who died in 1961 he was 32, I'd like to hear from some fratzke's if you'd like to, give a hollar, peace out ya'll

Love, Josh Fratzke

Frank Fratzke Thu Jun 21 18:19:55 CDT 2001

Just found this site - this is great. I am originally from Batavia, IL, my Dad Dale Fratzke is from Fairbank IA. I have quite a bit of Fratzke history that my great uncle Leo put together. As soon as i get time I'll add it here. Or, feel free to e-mail me.

Fratzke Ireneus Wed Jul 18 00:00:05 CDT 2001


Betty KoplenBjornson Fri Aug 31 18:26:49 CDT 2001

My mother was Clara Fratzke Koplen her father was Charles Fratzke and mother Willemina Boetcher she married Carl F.Koplen there were five children, Armilla, Wallace, myself,Glenn and Lois. We are all living 2 living in the Twin Cities 2 living in Mankato,Mn. and 1 in Pemberton,Mn.Iremember going to the Fratzke reunions which included the HUTCHINSON Fratzkes. The article Jeff Fratzke sent about the newspaper article July 1936 was my grandfather,also we visted in Oklahoma with Arthur Fratze a cousin of my mother and the father of Vern Fratzke which I saw above in the Email messages. Arthur Fratzke's father was a brother to my grandfather and their wives were sisters.I have a copy of my grandfathers citizenship papers.Deb Koplen is connected on my fathers side of the family.

Betty Bjornson Fri Aug 31 20:03:41 CDT 2001

Correction of Email address

JULIE LUDWIG Wed Nov 7 21:55:46 CST 2001

I am the oldest granddaughter of Franklyn Fratzke. I'm really gald that someone has taken the time to do all of this work. It is great!! Thanks.

Julie Ludwig Wed Nov 7 22:05:07 CST 2001

I am the oldest granddaughter of Franklyn Fratzke. I am 35 years old and live in St. Charles, MN. Thanks for doing all this work Kirk. I was too young to know alot of my relatives before they either moved away or died, and this gives me a chance to get back in touch with some that I did know and a lot I will get to know.

Julie Ludwig Wed Nov 7 22:05:13 CST 2001

I am the oldest granddaughter of Franklyn Fratzke. I am 35 years old and live in St. Charles, MN. Thanks for doing all this work Kirk. I was too young to know alot of my relatives before they either moved away or died, and this gives me a chance to get back in touch with some that I did know and a lot I will get to know.

Deb Koplen Fri Jan 11 07:30:35 CST 2002

I have a website that includes the Fratzke families as they are connected to the Koplen family in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Please stop by and visit me at http://home.swbell.net/koplend/

Ernest C. Fratz Jr. Sun Feb 3 18:42:06 CST 2002

Hello, I am trying to trace the Fratz Family Lineage. I noticed your great grandfather was Charles Fratz. I was wondering if there was a distance connection between your family and mine. My grandfather was Raymond E. Fratz His father was Erwin Roy Fratz Other than that I don't have much...The fratz family comes from Atlantic City & Newburgh New York Area. If you know of any connections let me know... Thanks Ernie Fratz

Bill Seal Tue Feb 12 00:03:20 CST 2002

Correction of previous e-mail address. Mother is Phyllis (Fratzke) Seal, originally of Cottonwood, MN.

Jordan Fratzke Mon Apr 1 18:31:37 CST 2002


I come from Cedar Rapids. Two people on this page are direct relatives. I know we are from Germany and that is basicaly it.

Amanda Fratzke Thu Apr 4 10:23:58 CST 2002

I am 17 and I live in Oelwein Iowa and am a cousin to Kelly Fratzke. My fathers name is Gary and my aunts and uncles are Dennis, Leslie, Doug, Vicki, Joann. I have two sisters Melinda who is 16 and Jessica who is 13. I don't know much about my family backgroud, just about as much as Kelly says. I really am amazed by how many Fratzke's there are. My father always told me there weren't very many of us but I guess this proves him wrong.

Chris Michaelson Mon Apr 22 09:55:11 CDT 2002

Looking for the family of Bertha Margaret Fratzke, from Buchanan Co Iowa. I was adopted at birth in 1973. Birth mother was Bertha Margaret Fratzke. I was born in Waterloo, Iowa. Any family information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris

Barbara Samariza Sun May 12 16:59:44 CDT 2002

Hello! Great website! My ancestors Samuel and Henriette (Wehr) Fratzke lived in Deutsch Rhuden, Posen, Prussia. I have marriage records from the Wissek Lutheran Church in Posen, showing that their children are: (1)Auguste, born 1844, married Carl Wendland; (2)Gustave Heinrich, born 1846, married Johanne Louise Fr. Falk; (3)Emil Gottlieb, born 1848, married Wilhemine Auguste Rut?; (4)Ottilie Wilhemine, born 1850, married Wilhelm Prahl; (5) Ernestine Henriette Johanna, born 1857, married Fr. August Neumann. The son of Auguste married the daughter of Ottilie and those children are my gr-grandparents - Henry and Emilie Wendland. Now the curious thing is that an alien registration made by Carl Fratzke, born May 7, 1852, states his NEPHEW, Henry Wendland is in the US Army! So does this make him a son of Samuel and Henriette Fratzke, too??? I just haven't found his records in the Wissek Church, yet. If anyone can verify, please let me know. Thanks!

Kathlyne Fratzke Wed May 15 19:13:17 CDT 2002

Hello....i am a Fratzke too!! My father (Richard Dean Fratzke) always told me there wern't a lot of them out there......but there is!! i can't believe it....My Grandfather is Norman Fratzke and he had a brother named Herbert and a sister name Joyce....and their father was name Herbert as well........Just to update::: i am 17 and located in Maryland but we moved from Wyoming... i have a twin sister named ashley as well as Courtney(22), Matthew (20) Me, AShley, Hillary (14) and Andrew (13)!!!! If i am related to any of you or you have heard of any of these names before...please e-mail

Kathlyne Fratzke Fri May 17 14:48:57 CDT 2002

I was on here a few days ago and i just realized that my birthday is the same as Carl Fratzke......except my year of birth is much later of course. May 7 1985 <Marilyn Michaelson Thu Jul 4 09:22:55 CDT 2002

I am trying to help find family of Bertha Margaret (Demoth)Fratzke for my husband .We have sent very personal information to Josh who has visited this site and Ronald I beleive also. If any one can help use in this search. please contact us.My husbands was born in Iowa.9-9-73

Enoch R. Fratzke Wed Jul 10 17:20:52 CDT 2002

Hi, My name is Enoch Fratzke. My parents are Erwin(deceased) and Marjorie. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I live in Oelwein, Iowa. My grandparents were Henry and Clara Fratzke of Jesup, Iowa. Hi Juli!!!

Enoch R Fratzke Thu Jul 11 19:14:44 CDT 2002

Hello again, wanted to add to the message I sent yesterday. My wife, Marlene, and I also have 3 children. Kurt, Kathleen and Kevin. Am also surprised there are so many Fratzke's. Enjoy this website and reading all the comments.

Feel free to e-mail us if you think we might be related. Again my grandparents were Henry and Clara Fratzke of Jesup, Iowa. My father was Erwin,now deceased, and my mother, Marjorie, is still living in Oelwein, Iowa, which is where I reside.

Kurt M Fratzke Mon Jul 22 15:26:42 CDT 2002

Hello Fratzke's! I had no idea there were so many out there.My Parents are Enoch and Marlene and Grandparents, Erwin (deceased) and Marjorie Fratzke all of Oelwein,Iowa. I live in Lee's Summit, MO with my wife Eileen, and children Megan and Tyler. We welcome your e-mails.

Jenna Fratzke Thu Sep 12 10:27:18 CDT 2002

Hey sup- I am hollin at you from Jesup,IA. My great-gram. neam is Grace Fratzke. My gramp. is Robert"BOB" Fratzke. My dad is the late "Rocky Fratzke" I am doing a class project and need to know info about my last name if you know any of the peps. that i mengened. please e-mail me at : ! BUH* bye

J. Craig Fratzke Mon Sep 16 22:09:58 CDT 2002

It's been fun browsing through FratzkeNet and realizing that there are lots of other folks out there with this funny last name!

Deb Koplen Mon Sep 30 06:30:57 CDT 2002

I am looking for descendents of the "early" Fratzke families of Marquette Co., WI. All of the following Fratzke's arrived on the ship "Shakespeare" on 20 August 1856: Ferd or Frederick, wife Johanne Louise and children Carl Hermann, Julius, Wilhelm, Carl "Charles"; Gustav, Marie-Elise; August Fratzke wife Justine Wilhelmine with children Herman, August Albertine, and Martha.

Be sure to check my website http://home.swbell.net/koplend/

Barb Sat Oct 12 12:37:27 CDT 2002

I am looking for information on Carolina B. Fratzke who was born in Jan 3, 1836 married Johan Friedrich. Are there any connections out there?

Arliss Fratzke Miller Tue Nov 12 19:44:20 PST 2002

I am the daughter of Reuben and Stella Fratzke, now deceased. My siblings are Kathryn Froemming, Kenneth Fratzke, Ronald Fratzke, Melvin Fratzke, Marianne Sundblad, and Michael Fratzke. My grandparents were Julius and Bertha Fratzke. We are all origionally from Hutchinson, Minnesota.

Melvin Leslie Fratzke Thu Dec 5 07:54:30 PST 2002

Nice website. It's amazing to find names you think you're related to and then find they are from a completely different branch, possibly even a different tree. T'would be a LARGE piece of paper. I have two sisters, Anne Coan listed above, and Margaret Fratzke Cahoon. My grandparents were Albert and Margaret (O'Brian) Fratzke. My father, Everett, had five brothers, Louis, Melvin, Aaron, La Vern, and Darrell, the latter two the only remaining living. I see several of my first cousins and their children, etc., listed here; good to see.

Mike Fratzke Tue Dec 24 15:31:45 PST 2002

Hello my name is Mike Fratzke .My parents are Iva and Louie Fratzke. Louie {deceased}Grand parents Albert and Margert Fratzke. I live in Independence Iowa I have three daughters, Jenni samantha and Tina. MY wife's name is Shelly we have been married 15 years. I have one brother Tom living in Milan IL , One sister Becky {Christensen}of Independence Iowa. I was ounce told that the german meaning for Fratzke was courtjester or funny man .

Marilyn Michaelson Sat Jan 11 09:45:39 PST 2003

Hello to all. I am trying to find out any information I can for my husband Chris who was adopted at birth. His birth mother was Bertha Margret Fratzke. I had received some information at one time but lost an obit, names and phone #s due to PC trouble.If that person would please resend me that info I would be very greatful. For some reason no one wants to share any family information about the Fratzke's. I don't think with this day and age anything can be that bad. Won't someone please help us in our search.Aunt's uncle's cousins any one. Thank you in advance for your help.

Peggy Smith Sun Jan 12 10:07:18 PST 2003

Daughter in law of Ruth Fratzke (Smith Hanigan) now deceased. She was from the DeGrey Area of South Dakota, near the Capitol..Pierre. My husband is a cousin to Bonnie Waslaski.

Luke Fratzke Mon Jan 27 22:47:46 PST 2003

Add one more Fratzke. Luke. Originally from Cold Spring, MN. I currently live in Minneapolis. Grandparents Harold and Lois. Father and Mother are Barry and Marsha. Good to see people proudly carrying the Fratze name. Hello to all!

Vonda Bongs Tue Mar 4 14:09:31 PST 2003

Interested in any one related to the Barbknecht connection.

Ashley Fratzke Sun Mar 23 18:37:05 PST 2003

Hey, I am ashley, 20 years old, my parents, Doug and Jayne, brother Alex (24) and sister abbie (12) fratzke live in Lakeville, MN area and grand parents: Carl and Delores Fratzke live in Alexandria, MN. I am in the Army, stationed at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii right now, I just wanted to drop by and say hey to every one....

Matthew R. Fratzke Thu Apr 17 17:59:12 PDT 2003

Hello fellow Fratzke's, wow didnt know there were so many, anyhow i am son of Richard D. Fratzke who in turn is son of Norman Fratzke, My grandfather incase i lost you. anyway i have 7 siblings Trista, Courtney, Kathlyne, Ashley, Hillary, Andrew, and last but not least Annie. I myself am married to Nikki Eliza Fratzke (Johnson). No children yet, but i plan to remedy that problem soon enough. Born in Fruita CO Oct 12, 1981. Now 21, Enlisted in the United States Air Force, the greatest air power in the world. I am a weapons loader by trade so if you were woindering if i was involved in our contries (the US) most recent triumph, yes i was and i need to go home been here for too long. Anyway if anyone has any questions or comments i would sure like to hear from you. Until then i will bid you a farewell...

Leland Fratzke Fri Apr 18 16:54:13 PDT 2003

Im from Independence IA, I live on a farm in the Hazelton IA area. I reconize severial Fratzkes from Iowa and Carolines on this site.

I would like to here the storys of my ancecters please feel free to e-mail me.

Luke A. Fratzke Thu May 22 17:01:50 PDT 2003

This is pretty cool to see that there is a page devoted to the Fratzke. I am gandson of arthur and louise fratzke, son of jeff and gayette fratzke, brother of jason fratzke. I am married to Chayla Fratzke and have 2 sons Drew and Brady. Nice to see this many people interested in this topic.

Mandie Porick Tue Jun 3 13:47:00 PDT 2003

I am the daughter of Caryn Fratzke Edmundson, who is the daughter of Madge (Miller) and Kenneth Fratzke of Hutchinson, MN. Brian Fratzke (aka. Brain Fartzke) is my uncle, my mom's big brother.

Ken is the son of Ruben and Stella Fratzke, both deceased.

Nice to see all the relatives out there. I was driving back from KS in June 2002, and I saw a car pulled over by a cop with the license plate "FRATZKE" and smiled, cause I knew one of my relatives was getting busted. Hope it wasn't too bad!

Gayle (Fratzke)Waldera Wed Jun 25 20:33:01 PDT 2003

Hello all Fratzkes!!! I am the daughter of Carl August Fratzke Sr.(deceased) & Helen Schreiber Fratzke (deceased) from Winona, MN. Aunt to Kirk who keeps this site. I have two children Mandi Waldera Jaspers and Robbie Waldera.Would like to hear from all Fratzkes. Seems like we're all over the place!!!!

Janousek G Wed Sep 3 10:20:22 PDT 2003

Excelent webside

Torsten Fratzke Sun Sep 14 08:54:38 PDT 2003

hello, fratzkes!

one more addition to the family name! i'm quite surprised to see so many people with the same name as i have. i'm from southern germany, but my father was born in breslau (wroclaw in polish). he was displaced as a child due to the war and i am unable to trace the family further back than one generation! it's interesting to see how far the name has spread over the generations! take care!

Mitch Fratzke N/A Wed Nov 26 08:15:34 PST 2003

Hi Fratzkes!!!!!! I'm 14 years old and was searching on the net to find out what Fraztke means and I stumbled onto this website. I'm the cousin of Ashley Fratzke who I see has already been to this site already. I'm the son of Lee Fratzke who is the son of Carl Fratzke and his late wife (Delores) who is the son of Erick Fratzke. Could somebody post the meaning of Fratzke on this site because I'm extremely itchy in finding out what it means. Thanks!!!!!!

Mitch Fratzke Wed Nov 26 08:27:12 PST 2003

Here is my E-mail. I live in New Prague MN and moved here from Eden Prairie in July '03. Someone plese E-mail me so I learn what fratzke means!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Mon Dec 22 20:10:44 PST 2003

Hello Cousins,

Just signing in as one of the Fratzkes, a granddaughter of Amelia Tillie Fratzke Hamann - who was born in Sleepy Eye, MN.

Saw a posting from a good friend -Sonia Meyer - who has helped so much with family geneaology. Also, Bonnie Waslowski who has corresponded with my sister Marge in California.

I am in Ohio - think high here today was about 50 degrees, although we had a few inches of snow last week.

Anyway, thanks to all who have maintained or contributed to the site, I enjoy your postings.


Sam Fratzke Mon Jan 5 20:35:23 PST 2004

Yo homies of my crib de casa. I would like to have a familia reunion at HAWAII! LETS GET IT TOGETHER. GOD BLESS YOUR NEW YEAR.

Skip (Bud) Weiser Sat Jan 24 07:04:29 PST 2004


Can anyone help me track down a Brian D.(I think) Fratzke who was originally from Hutchinson, Minn. I spent close to a year with him in the Army in Korea from 1973-74. I see there is a Brian Fratzke who posted here a few years ago who said he had moved to Colorado in 1976. I emailed him but haven't recv'd a reply.

I just wanted to say hello and to see what he's been up to for the last 30 years.

Thank you.

Kurt Fratzke Thu Feb 12 13:57:50 PST 2004

Here's an interesting piece of information: Fratzke is the 43,777th most popular name in the United States. I'm not making this up!

Peggy Smith Sun Mar 14 10:49:30 PST 2004

Hi, I'm not a Fratzke, just married into the clan. Ruth Ida Fratzke, daughter of Charles was my mother in law. Great site.

Reva (Fratzke) Dubay Sat Mar 20 10:55:33 PST 2004

Hello all from Orange Park, FL. I am the daughter of Ruth Louise (Fox) and Darrell Walter Fratzke of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have three children, Andy of Cedar Rapids, IA, Rachel who lives in Middleburg, FL and Wayne who still resides at home here in Orange Park. I appreciate seeing some of my cousins in here and have finally been able to get their email addresses (hopefully they are still current). My grandparents were Albert Frederick and Margaret Ida (O'Brien) Fratzke of Independence, IA. Hope all have fun searching this site.

Jack Hardy Tue Mar 23 23:48:01 PST 2004

Ernest Fratzke son of willian and Hulda Fratzke of Winona Mn was the only father i knew. People called me Jackie Fratzke--I seen information on my dad that he was married to--hmmm forgot in Eeu Claire Wi and she is deceased. To Set the record staight, he has 3 chikdren Jack Hardy 58 Vicki Fratzke 56 and Ernest Jr 53 yrs old. All of us were childremn of Daphne Fratzke. Her maiden name Harrington. Daphne died before Ernest Sr married again. It didnt mention it but dad died also-cant remember now was in 90's. My brother Ernie John Fratzke has 2 children. Vickie our sister had Two girls that r in there 30s--I alsi habve 2 children in there 30s. I just wanted to set the record straight on my family. I remember Hulda--we all called her Grandma Fratzke loved to fish and if u went to the pier where she did fish, she was usually there. Anyway I paid for the funeral of my mom and on her stone I had Daphne Fratzke put on ---They were my family-I had no other sincerly Jack Hardy aka Jackie Fratzke

Chris Michaelson Mon May 17 20:04:04 PDT 2004

I am looking for anyone with information on Bertha Margaret Fratzke. I know she had several children and one of them has a posting on this site. I have been in contact with a couple of people before, but have lost the information, if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

donna kay putnam grandmammy54 Wed May 19 20:10:28 PDT 2004

im the daughter of roy and pauline drake from mooresville in. born 081854 adopted in 1956 to geo l. putnam vermilion co. il. does any one know me ?

Julie Carskadon Fri Jun 4 17:11:53 PDT 2004

I am researching my family tree. Would any one know of an Ida Lyda Fratzke born APR 1, 1887 in Franklin, Nebraska. Her parents were Julia (deuhr) Fratzke and Gustave Fratzke of Germany? If anyone could be of assistance, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me soonest

barbara broberg ohara Thu Jun 24 11:46:33 PDT 2004

I lived in Janesville, Mn. in the 1930's and knew the Fred Fratzke children. Moved to Wi. in 1940 and am wondering about those kids, especially Elmer who was disabled with polio. Anyone know?

marilyn fratzke treusdell Thu Jul 1 22:57:29 PDT 2004

Hi to Barbara Broberg Ohara. My Uncle Elmer died quite a while back. But my dad, Ken, and my Aunt Margaret are the members of the family who had polio, and they are both doing well here in California. I'll pass your name on to them.

Armand Larochelle III Sun Jul 4 14:07:22 PDT 2004

My wife is the grandaughter of Arthur Frank Ruths, Sr. and Mabel Louise Fratzke. Her name is Donna (Ruths) Larochelle and her father was Donald Arthur Ruths. Mabel's parents were John Amandus Fratzke and Mary Louise Hildebrant. If anyone has more on this line contact me. I am doing my wife's family tree as well as mine. I am willing to share what information I have.

Deb Koplen Mon Aug 2 03:34:21 PDT 2004

Found the following Fratzke obit (no relation to me) on Ancestry.com

Deborah L. Fratzke Deborah L. Fratzke, 48, of Duluth, formerly of Bloomington, died, Monday, June 21, 2004. MEMORIAL SERVICE:10 a.m. Tuesday, July 27, 2004, in Marshall School, in Duluth. Services were in Minneapolis on June 29, 2004. Published in the Duluth News Tribune on 7/27/2004.

Cecilie Fratzke Fri Sep 24 00:51:14 PDT 2004

Hello my name is cecilie fratzke and live in a little town called halden, in Norway. My dad is half german and moved to norway with his norwegian mother in 1964 or so. My grandfather died in berlin in 1957, just few months after my father were born, my grandmother is norwegian so she disided to move back to here family in norway, when my granfather past away.

I`m writing this because i`m a little curious of other fratzkes. because here in norway, there is no other fratzkes then my family. And that is about 9 people. I`ve read the other comments here on this site, and it seemd like there where alot of american fratzkes.. Well well, now i know=)

Beth Fratzke Zicafoose Sun Oct 3 21:39:53 PDT 2004

I am the granddaughter of Reuben and Stella (Guy and Nora Laird May) Fratzke of Watertown, MN and the daughter of Ken and Madge Fratzke of Hutchinson, MN. Reuben's children were Ronald Fratzke; Kenneth Fratzke; Kathryn Fratzke Froemming; Arliss Fratzke Miller; Marianne Fratzke Sunblad; Melvin Fratzke; and Michael Fratzke. Brian Fratzke is my brother, as is Mark Fratzke. Caryn Fratzke Edmundson is my sister. I am happily married to Keith Zicafoose and we reside in southern Minnesota. I traveled to Germany in the early 80's and my German family found it comical that Fratz meant "clown" and that there was a chocolate bar for sale in the supermarket called "Chocolade-fratz". That would explain a lot about my family. My father tells the story that our ancestors were honored by polish royalty and they added the "ke" on the end as a form of honor in place of the polish "ski". Don't know if that's true or if he's just joshin' me. Email me if you'd like to chat.

Holly Edmundson Tue Oct 5 09:32:49 PDT 2004

Hi Beth! I just found this page while I was bored at work.

For everyone else, I'm Holly, Beth is my aunt, Caryn Fratzke Edmundson is my mom and grandparents are Madge and Ken Fratzke.

Who knew there were so many Fratzkes??

Alicia Davis Wed Nov 10 10:43:27 PST 2004

Hey Fratzke family. My name is Alicia and I am the Granddaughter of Karl and Sidney Fratzke. I know I dont have the Fratzke name, but I am in the blood line. I stumbled on this page and I think that it is very interesting that we have so many family members. Just writing to say "hey."

Susan Fratzke Sat Nov 20 11:22:50 PST 2004

Hi, I'm an Iowa Fratzke. From what I know I'm part of the August Fratzke line. He came from Posen, Germany with his two brothers Gustave and Ludwig, wife, and son Emil. My great-grandfather was his second to youngest child, Richard Fratzke. His youngest child's name was Henry. They lived in Jesup, Iowa and Richard married Anna Lobeke who had a sister named Clara Lobeke (who married his brother Henry), sound familiar to any of you, I believe someone mentioned being a decendent of Henry and Clara (formerly Lobeke) Fratzke. Richard and Anna had three children, Alfred (my grandfather), Ruth, and a son who's name I can't remember right now. My father's name is also Alfred. That's about all I remember right now. I'm interest in the Gustave and Ludwig branches and in anyone who might decended from one of Richard and Henry's siblings. It awesome to see so many Fratzke's out there, I never knew there were so many of us!

Deb Koplen Tue Nov 23 17:41:49 PST 2004

Found this on Ancestry (No other data - no known connection)

Name of Deceased: Ingrid Fratzke Age at Death: 92 Newspaper Title: Howard Lake-Waverly Herald Newspaper Location: Howard Lake, MN, US Obituary Publication Date: Oct/9/2004 Locations Mentioned in Obituary: Arlington; Hutchinson; NV; Chaska; Minneapolis; Roseville, MN; New Ulm; Plato; Warren; of Green Isle; Lake Jennie; Green Isle; Prior Lake Other Persons Mentioned in Obituary: Robert D.; Meyer; Charles; Lillian McCarthy; Sharon

Enoch Fratzke Sun Dec 12 16:44:53 PST 2004

Hi, I wrote in quite a while back, but would now like to update my e-mail address. It is: Hi to all Fratzkes out there.We are Iowa Fratzkes.

Enoch Fratzke Sun Dec 12 16:45:50 PST 2004

Hi, I wrote in quite a while back, but would now like to update my e-mail address. It is: Hi to all Fratzkes out there.We are Iowa Fratzkes.

Jan Reed Mon Dec 13 22:12:22 PST 2004

Great Website! I am not a Fratzke but seeking information about Emil Fratzke, wife Doris (Oestmann) and daughter Edwina. Emil (4/23/1885-10/21/1964) was the son of Carl Julius Fratzke. My husband and I are the current owners of Emil's house in POmona, Ca. This wonderful old house was built in 1911.The Fratzke's were the original owners. We have 2 pictures taken about 1914. One of Dois Fratzke standing in the front of the house. The second picture, taken inside is a picture of Doris, her daughter Edwina looks to be about a year old sitting in the lap of Doris' mom. The pictures and family information were aquired by a dealer who sold the rest of the pictures, postcards,letters ect to a Fratzke back east, but could not remember who. We would love any additional info on Emil's family. Thank you in advance for your help & info* Jan Reed

J. Craig Fratzke Mon May 9 13:09:13 PDT 2005

Wondered if any of you Fratzkes are fans of "Judging Amy", my wife Nancy is and heard one of the social workers in the cast introduced as Betty Fratzke in the May 3, 2005 episode. So now we'll be even MORE famous than before!

Thomas Martin Wed Jun 1 19:42:25 PDT 2005

My wife's great grandmother was a Fratzke but apparently of a different line than the Minnesota and Wisconsin people. She was Emma Fratzke, born in 1885. Her parents were Gustave (born 1850) and Julia Fratzke, who both immigrated from Germany with their families before being married. They had nine children and lived in south central Nebraska, near Naponee, Franklin and Republican City. If anyone has information about this Fratzke group, we would be very interested.

Kay (Blagen Ward) Johnson Tue Jul 5 09:30:12 PDT 2005

I wrote in, in March of 1999. My e-mail has changed from kay372 to the above. I guess no one ever heard of the Fratzke's I'm from...Sophie. I'm also looking for any Blagen's..my dad changed his name from Arnold E. Blagen o Arnold E. Ward..don't know why. I hope someone, someday, recognizes my family. Kay

MARGARETTE RUTH DODD Thu Sep 29 16:56:28 PDT 2005

DEB KOPLEN are u related to any Koplans/Kopetosky? My father was Ralph Alvin Dodd (Arab, AL) and my mother was Mary Lee (Wood) Dodd (Guntersville, AL)they moved to Hixson, TN and had 14 children, seven are living. I am their youngest daughter Margarette (07311951 living in La Fayette, GA). My first husband's name is Alvin Ronald Koplan (12171951) of Russian Jewish descent. Our daughter is Joanna Leigh Koplan (08201982)and she just gave birth to Joseph Conner Nash (09182005) in Chattanooga, TN.

Gabe Fratzke Thu Oct 27 19:57:44 PDT 2005

Hey all I am a Waterloo, Iowa Fratzke.I now there is a lot of us here in Iowa. I am son to Robert Fratzke and Grandson to Eldon(Ollie) and Sharon Fratzke formerly of Waterloo and Oelwein, IA and now of Backus, MN!! Hello Fratzke's!!

nancy janousek Thu Nov 17 19:16:31 PST 2005

I am researching the Janousek's from Omaha, NE. Any relation??

Larry Anklam Tue Feb 7 19:21:25 PST 2006

Trying to figure out the mystery of one; Caroline Fratzke, who is listed in our 1860 census from the Township of Berlin, Marathon county, Wisconsin. Her listed age is 87 which means she was born in 1773. She is listed with the Carl Fehlhaber family. The John Kopplin family, along with the August Anklam are also on the census and I believe they all came to this location around the year 1857, from Prossekel, Posen, Prussia.

Luke Fratzke Sun Mar 5 14:45:10 PST 2006

My name is Luke A. Fratzke, I now have my wife Chayla, two sons Andrew and Brady and to complete our family we now have our daughter Emma. Hello to everyone out there.

Kari Greenwaldt Mon Mar 13 20:34:32 PST 2006

My Name is Kari Greenwaldt and I stumbled across this site when I typed in Tremizen in MSN search. My Great Great Great Grandmothers maiden name was Carolina Fratzke and according to my findings she was born on Jan. 3, 1836 in Tremizen, Germany. So I dont even know if this is the same branch but I thought I would give it a shot :-D

Lee Braddock Fri Mar 31 08:59:45 PST 2006

Hi all,

I am desperate to get hold of a couple of old friends on mine from Minneapolis MN, JD and Lisa (Anderson) Fratzke. I lost touch probably about 5 years ago and would love to know how they are getting on. If anyone can get in touch with them, let them know to get in touch. I miss them......

Thanks, Lee

mugu morgan Thu Apr 6 02:11:43 PDT 2006

finz site looking for my relation fratzke

Arvid William Frank Mon Apr 17 11:40:06 PDT 2006

Greetings to all and congratulations to Kevin for developing this excellent website. I am 87 years of age.My mother was Ida(Edith)Louisa Wilhelmina FRATZKE- the daughter of Gustave Adolph Fratzke (1848-1917) and Emelie(Mueller)(1864-1930)..She had three brothers,Fred Fratzke(1883-1954; Herbert(Bert) Fratzke (1894-1959),John Fratzke(1899-1968)- two daughters Edith Fratzke(1885-1969) and Agnes(Fratzke)Kellogg(1889-1919).My grandfather owned and operated a drygoods store in Janesville , MN and there were relatives in the Waldorf area. Incidentally I remember Phyllis(Fratzke) as my baby sitter many many years ago. Hope this info will help others who may be into genealogy. Cheers, Arv Frank

Lisa & Steve Fratzke Tue Oct 9 07:34:35 PDT 2007

Greetings from Iowa! Cool web site....of the Fratzke's I didn't see anyone I recognized from our immediate family so thought I drop a line. <P>Darrell and Ruth Fratzke, steve's parents Reva, Ron, Steve, Leon, Dara, steve's siblings <P>Have a great day! <P>

Maya Fratzke Sat Oct 27 18:14:02 PDT 2007

I am a FRATZKE so I should be on here!!!

Abbie Fratzke Wed Dec 19 09:09:37 PST 2007

Hi! I was just goofing around and googling stuff when I came across this website. I think it is so interesting that there is so many Fratzkes in this world. I also thought it was funny that both my sister(Ashley Fratzke) and my cousin(Mitch Fratzke) had previously found this website and left messages, from back in 2003. Well, I just thought I'd say hi. Feel free to email me. <P>Oh, and I would also like to know what Fratzke means or the origin of the name if any of you know. I'm just curious(like Mitch). Thanks! And have a very Happy Holiday season.

Judi Fratzke Simon Sat Feb 16 14:15:23 PST 2008

I am the daughter of Herbert Paul Fratzke, Jr. and Joyce Mae Null Fratzke. I have a deceased brother, William. My father had a brother, Norman, and a sister, Roberta. My grandfather was Herbet Paul Fratzke, Sr. and my grandmother Cora Fratzke. Norman had two children, Richie and Cindy (I think) and Roberta had 3 children, Carolyn, John and Ernie Pozzi. We all lived in California, at least for a while. The cities we lived in 50 years or so ago were Vallejo, Walnut Creek and Modesto. I believe my father was born in Ohio. If any of you think you are related to me please feel free to email any time.

julia fratzke www.juliafratzke.com Mon Mar 24 15:11:05 PDT 2008

hi uncle kirk.i love what you got me for christmas,thanks.bye!

Erwin Detlef Fratzke Tue Mar 25 14:59:00 PDT 2008

Bin Fratzke aus Deutschland-Sachsen. Meine "Ahnen" lebten noch bis Ende 1944 in Westpreußen. Leider bin ich schwach mit Englisch. Vorfahren: Vater Erwin Fratzke, Sohn von Ludwig Fratzke ( 14.09.83 Siedlisko ). Weiter zurück: Fratzke Friedrich ( 29. 12. 1840 Pinsk ); Fratzke Johann. Alle kommen aus dem Gebiet der Netze zwischen Schneidemühl ( pl. Pila )und Bromberg ( pl. Bydgosz ). Weitere Familiennamen: Fenske, Leu, Priebe, Goldt, Jeske, Melchert, Schulz. Herkunftsorte: Dornbrunn ( Dombrowa, pl. Dabrowa ), Siedlisko ( bei pl. Szubin ), Pinsk ( pl. Pinsko ), Ruden ( pl. Ml. Rudy ), Krojanke ( pl. Krajenka ), Annowo ( bei pl. Barcin ). Freue mich auf Kontakt. Thanks Detlef <P>

lothar fratzke Mon Apr 7 08:13:20 PDT 2008

hi, mey nam is lothar fratzke, germany aschau am inn, born to erfurt thüringen/germany , my father is gottfried fratzke,verh. to edith fritzsche. mey ant is Adele fratzke, dresden. please infos thanks , bye!

lothar fratzke Sat Apr 19 10:51:25 PDT 2008

hi, Infos for Family Gustav / wilhelm and ottilie Fratzke / USA,please ! Thanks regards lothar and renate Fratzke / Germany

julia fratzke Sat May 3 12:42:52 PDT 2008

hi! i'm kirk's niece julia.write back!

Jake Fratzke Sat May 10 21:35:07 PDT 2008

Hi i am jake fratzke i live in winona minnesota with my dad keith fratzke and his gf allison fratzkemy dad posted a comment up there allreayd along time ago in 1999 this is veryy intresting to see how many people are fratzkes i am probly related to alot well write back!

Ann Horne Wed May 21 05:18:30 PDT 2008

In researching McCradys in Black Hawk, Co. IA (Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, etc) I found an obituary in which the daughter was listed as "Mrs. Dennis Fratzke." No given name was given. Does anyone know Dennis' wife's name?

David Lee Fratzke Fri May 30 11:30:27 PDT 2008

My name is above, but I have since retire from Boise Cascade. I still live in La Grande, Oregon and if any of you are traveling out this way in I-84 in Eastern Oregon, stop by and say hello.

renate fratzke Fri Jun 20 12:57:57 PDT 2008

hey kirk,hey all fratzkes, please infos to back, our name is fratzke, lothar and renate in Germany , bavaria gustav fratzke, great uncle, is from germany and is born nov 8,1872, wedded at mai,14, 1901 to bromberg,eastgermany, to search person ? gustav fratzke is a brother from august fratzke. wife for gustav fratzke is ottilie, per documents. is that wanted person ? wife for gustav fratzke is ottilie please curt answer, thank you!!!!! <P>best regards to U S A renate fratzke germany

Brandy Anderson-Boardman Mon Aug 18 13:33:14 PDT 2008

I am just providing an updated email address since the one from 1999 is no longer valid! Stay in touch Fratzke's!!

D'Ann Creel Mon Sep 8 08:58:37 PDT 2008

Hi all. My mom was Hope Gwendolyn Fratzke from Nebraska. Her dad was William C b 1889, his dad was Gustav b 1850 m Julia Doer. Gustav's dad was Michael b 1810 m to Wilhelmina. My grandpa Bill's siblings were Clara Wilhelmina, Amelia Emma, Olga H, Martha M, Ida, Herbert Paul, Gus and Hilda. Gustav's (gr-grandpa) siblings were August J b 1843 and Ludwig M b 1855. Don't have too much... anyone part of this Fratzke Clan???? Would love to hear from you.

Kay Ward Johnson Sun Sep 14 12:34:06 PDT 2008

Hi...still love this web site, even though no one knows of me or my family in Minneapolis. Anyway, above is my e-mail now. Not

Sharon (Fratzke Hamann Noe)King Fri Sep 26 16:28:22 PDT 2008

Hi,Just providing some data in case it can be added to your site: My grgrandparents were Carl and Augusta Jeske Fratzke, their daughter Amelia Tillie Fratzke(DOB 04-17-1885,DOD 12-23-1939) married Herman August Hamann(DOB 10-01-1877, DOD 03-27-1963). Their daughter and my mother, Berdell Darlene Hamann (DOB 09-11-1923, DOD 11-27-1995) married Eugene Benjamin Noe (DOB 01-15-1921, DOD 05-25-1988) on 03-14-1944. I have 8 brothers and sisters, 3 of whom are deceased. <P>Take care all, Sharon

Becky Fratzke Christensen Tue Sep 30 18:48:35 PDT 2008

Hi, to all the Fratzke's. Just updating my e-mail, haven't checked the guestbook in quite a while. My father, Louis, pasted away in 2003. My mother, Iva, is doing well. Good to read all the new e-mails.

Rebecca Fratzke Mon Nov 3 17:49:37 PST 2008

Hey~ I found some errors with my little piece of the family tree. I am the daughter to Ernest Fratzke, Jr. His mother is Daphne Harrington Fratzke, whom my grnadfather (Ernie Sr.) married before Harriet. Also, as far as I know Ernie Sr. married three times, with Harriet being the last wife and Daphne being the first. I don't recall the other's name at the moment but will look it up. Also, my father has a sister, Vicki and a brother, Jack. I hope to revisit here and get more information than what I have collected. It is great to see so many Fratzke's interested in our family's history. I currently live in Taiwan with my husband, but grew up in Winona, MN.

Rebecca Fratzke Thu Nov 6 01:16:00 PST 2008

Here is the information I promised to add about Ernest Fratzke Sr. His first wife was Anne, second was Daphne Harrington (my father's mother), and third, Harriet Jacobson. <P>I am putting a family tree together and was wondering if anyone had anything to share with me. I don't have much myself, but would love to share it anyway! Just email me! <P>My info:I am the daughter of Ernie Fratzke Jr and Nancy Savage, son of Ernie Sr and Daphne Harrington, son of William and Hulda, son of Carl and Augusta (who can over from the old country), son of Samuel and Harriette (who lived in Germany/Poland/West Prussia). I'd love to add as much to all the lines and connecting families as possible, so any little bit helps! Also, please include any personal stories you have, they are what make family memories so dear.

Thomas A. Fratzke Wed Nov 12 19:22:51 PST 2008

I am from Independence, Ia. My father was Louis, and my sister, Becky Christensen has filled in most of the family history. I live in Milan IL., have two sons, Marty and Andy. Both are married with two childern each.

JOEL Fri Jan 16 14:23:52 PST 2009

I need some information about Walter Fratzke. I want to buy his home in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. Please somebody that bring me any information, let me know. <P>Thanks. <P>Joel

Annie Fratzke Sun Feb 15 10:18:44 PST 2009

Hi. My name is Annie Fratzke and Im twelve. I dont know if Matt and Hilary Fratzke still go on this sight, but I really would like to know more about you guys because I might be your sister.

Donald Koenig Fri Mar 27 21:00:37 PDT 2009

Looking for information on Helen Fratzke of Lamberton Mn. She married John Otto Koenig and lived in Lamberton until aprox. 1942, then moved to Ogden Utah. Their children are Mary Jane Koenig Nye and John Otto Koenig. Helen had four sisters, Laura, Aberdeen? and two others. These five sisters were decended from one of five Fratzke brothers, who emigrated from Germany or Poland. Helen spoke German at home as a child. John Otto Koenig Sr. was a plumber in Lamberton. My grandmother (Helen) told me that the name Fratzke was very rare, and that if I ever met someone with that name, they probably are a relative. Please include "Fratzke" on subject line, I delete a lot of unopened spam. Donald Koenig

Donald Koenig Sat Mar 28 19:50:44 PDT 2009

Correction to immediately above information. Seeking information on my grandmother Helen Fratzke born 4-14-1900 in Minnesota (married name Helen Fratzke Koenig. Husband's name was Otto Carl Koenig born 6-2-1898, also born in Minnesota. Otto Carl Koenig was my grandfather, and his father was John Koenig. I mistakenly said that my grandfather's name was John Otto Koenig Sr. All other information is correct. Otto and Helen's children are John Otto Koenig and Mary Jane Koenig Nye. <P>Donald Koenig

Hillary Fratzke Tue Apr 21 19:14:45 PDT 2009

Hi Annie... Hillary here.... I was randomly on the website and noticed your message, hoping you could IM me on my email

Michelle Fratzke Mon May 25 21:26:01 PDT 2009

HI,from Oregon. <P>I'm the daughter of Carl Gene Fratzke who resides in Montana and the grand-daughter of Robert "Bob" Fratzke who resides in Miller, SD. My brother Monte Gene Fratzke & family also live in Montana. <P>Grandpa's siblings were/are: Vern, Mel, Ken (all from SD), Mildred, Garnet (from Texas). <P>I will add more later... Michelle

Harold and Lois Fratzke Thu Jul 2 08:48:55 PDT 2009

We are the Fratzkes from Cottonwood,Mn. We have four sons, Steven, Barry, Keith and Kent. Didn't realize there were so many Fratzkes. Some of you might remember Harold. He is the inventor.

Hans Fratzke Tue Jul 7 16:45:48 PDT 2009

First time I visited this site was back in August 1998 and I was impressed to see how many Fratzke were living in the US. Several more entries were added to this guestbook since then. My father was born in Allenstein (East Prussia) but he was displaced as child due to the war. He ended up in Soest in North Rhine Westphalia where I was born. Since 2000 I live in Poughkeepsie NY. I am researching my (our?) family tree in East Prussia, if anyone has info from Fratzke family from this area, feel free to email me. I would also like to know the origin of the name if any of you know. Anyway, thanks to all who have maintained or contributed to the site, I enjoy your postings.

Jennifer (Fratzke) Villa jennifervilla@hotmail.com Wed Jul 8 18:19:29 PDT 2009

Hello! My dad is Vernon Arthur Fratzke (see post above dated 1/28/98). <P>I'm teaching my little ones about cowboys, and I know we had a family cattle brand. Does anyone know how I can find out exactly what it looked like? I believe it was some formation of F2.

Sunny Thompson (Fratzke) gregsunny@yahoo.com Fri Jul 10 22:43:09 PDT 2009

Hi! Cool site! Who knew there was a site dedicated to Fratzke!!!! My grandfather was Paul Fratzke from Hutchinson,MN. His father was Julius Fratzke from Zehrten, Germany. I am planning a trip to Germany in the fall and I would like to connect with any of our relation still living in Germany. I am an actress and I will be performing my one woman play Marilyn Forever Blonde in Berlin in September at The Admiralplast Theatre. Thank you. Sunny

samuel aaron fratzke samuelfratzke@yahoo.com Sat Jul 11 19:07:04 PDT 2009

wow! so many Fratzke's. I have always looked for family. I grow up in maynard Iowa. My dad david Fratzke was killed in a car wreck in 1997. I now live in sunny Florida. I know nothing of my family tree. In fact I always thought my name was rare. Please help me if anyone can. thankyou my fellow Fratzke's.

Patrick Fratzke p_fratzke@gmx.de Mon Feb 7 10:30:24 PST 2011

Hello, I´m Patrick. I´m come from Bavaria in Germany. I doesn´t know that it give so much Fratzke´s. But you´re all from America and we live in Germany.

Katherine Buhrow Priester klpriester@gmail.com Mon Feb 14 07:36:02 PST 2011

I have been researching the ancestry of my Grandfather, Ewald Buhrow for 10 years now and keep hitting a brick wall. I have a copy of "The Mission of Carl A. Fratzke" Written by Pauline E. Fratzke with much help and information given by Anton Fratzke.

I am connected through the family by way of my paternal grandmother, Hildegard Elftmann Buhrow Custer, Hildegard's great grandparents were, Ludwig Ernest Pust who married Dorothea Sophia Schulz. Their daughter, Emilie Ottilie Pust married William Gustave Elftmann. Emilie's sister, Wilhelmina Pust, married Edward Fratzke, hence the Fratzke connection.

Hildegard Elftmann married Ewald Buhrow, Ewald came to the US in 1897 with his step father, August Schultz and mother, Emma, I am trying to find where Ewald was born in Germany and what happened to his biological father. If you have any information at all that will take me back I would so appreciate it. Even who was August Schultz? Katherine Buhrow Priester

Cecil Larry Watts c_watts@coastalnow.net Wed Mar 2 20:09:37 PST 2011

I served in the Army under Major Walter F. Fratzke. Trying to find his daughter Victoria Susanne Elizabeth Fratzke. If anyone knows her wherabouts, please email me. They hailed from Havre Dgrace Maryland. Thanks in advNCE!

Ann Erickson ericksonma@neitel.net Sat Mar 5 07:23:09 PST 2011

Hello my name is Ann Johnson Erickson, my father, James Emmert Johnson of Janesville, MN had given my son, Nolan Robert Walby a copy of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary dated 1907. I am not sure where my dad got this but he gave this to my son. Inside the dictionary (today, March 5, 2011) Nolan found a receipt for property taxes. It states October 30, 1915 that Gustav J. Fratzke paid his taxes in the amount of $9.85 for his home in Janesville, MN. Sec or Lot 3, Town or block 22. The county of Waseca, MN. Let me know if there are any connections between any of you and this man. I can't believe that he found this. Thanks Ann Erickson

b.saboe basaboe@gmail.com Sat Mar 26 15:56:28 PDT 2011

My Great-great Grand parents were John Fratzke and Mathilda Barbknecht. My Grandfather was their son Henry who married Lisa (Elizabeth or Lizze Van Loh. She moved to Waseca, Mn. with her three children after Henry died at age 27. Their three children were Hulda,

Hi Fratzkes. Found this net by accident and enjoyed it. Keep it up. My Great-Grandparents were John Fratzke and athilda Barbknecht. My Grandfather was Henry Fratzke who married Lisa(Elizebeth-Lizzie VanLoh.They had three children Hulda, Sadie and Leo. Grandma Fratzke moved to Waseca,Mn. after rhe death of her husband Henry age 27. My Mother was Hulda Fratzke McCarthy(Howard).Grandma Fratzke died in l975. I am a decendent of Fredrick Fratzke and Johana Fenster.


Christian Fink cfink@live.com Wed Apr 6 19:38:07 PDT 2011

Hello all! Greetings from a distant relative...My great, great grandmother was Carline Fratzke born in Leszes Tremizen Germany. She was married to Johann Friedrich, and had a daughter Emilie Friedrich. I get the feeling from the research I have done that our families had much contact in the old country. The Fratzke and the Friedrich past the marriage that is, cause we are related. I am interested in learning about my heritage and if anyone has any info on this line, I would be very appreciative to hear from you.

Heather Shreffler Hlynns72@gmail.com Thu Jul 28 20:25:55 PDT 2011

Amelia Tillie Fratzke was my Great Great Grandmother. She married Herman Hamann. One of their daughters, Voilet Hamann Crenshaw was my Great Grandma. She married Raymond Crenshaw. They had four children Dorothy, Ruth, Betty, and Alvin. Ruth is my grandmother. All reside in Illinois.

I recently became interested in my family history. I enjoyed finding out new info.

Steven Fratzke steve4809@comcast.net Sun Jul 31 11:25:27 PDT 2011

My parents are Harold and Lois Fratzke(Jeseritz). My grandfather was Edward Charles Fratzke, and I believe my great grandfather was Charles Fratzke. My guess it that my great, great grandfather was John Fratzke? I may be wrong, but it seemed logical. I am now retired living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Michael Julius Fratzke mike.fratzke@indwes.edu Sat Aug 13 13:08:18 PDT 2011

My parents are deceased. They are Reuben and Stella Fratzke. My siblings Kathryn Froeming, Ken Fratzke, Ron Fratzke, Arliss Miller, Mel Fratzke, & Marianne Sundblad. I live in Marion, IN and am a Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. We grew up in the Hutchinson/Watertown, Minnesota area.

Barbara McCarthy Saboe basaboe9@gmail.com Mon Aug 29 16:02:01 PDT 2011

Does anyone remember the Fratzke reunions back in l940,s and 50,s in Waseca, Mn. or Janesville, Mn. Good friendships and good food. In Waseca it was held at Clear Lake Park, and all the kids and young adults would swim in the lake. I really looked forward to that time in my life.

Barbara McCarthy Saboe basaboe9@gmail.com Mon Aug 29 16:03:04 PDT 2011

Does anyone remember the Fratzke reunions back in l940,s and 50,s in Waseca, Mn. or Janesville, Mn. Good friendships and good food. In Waseca it was held at Clear Lake Park, and all the kids and young adults would swim in the lake. I really looked forward to that time in my life.

Constance Osborn ccosborn@hotmail.com Fri Dec 2 09:57:35 PST 2011

Hi there, I am currently researching my family tree and my great-great grandmothers' name was Caroline Fratzke. I stumbled upon your website and was hoping someone had information on her.

She was born 01/03/1836 in Gneren, Germany and died in Cherokee County, Iowa 12/28/1906.

She married Johann Friedrich and they had 16 children. 8 came to America and 8 stayed in Germany (according to the info I have)

I have names of 8 of the children: Emilie Friedrich (August Fink) 15 children, Ernest Friedrich (Anna) 7 Children, August Friedrich (Mary) Adopted Margaret, Augusta Friedrich (Louis Miller) 8 Children, Adolph Friedrich (Emma Rueter or Reiter) 8 Children, Emma Friedrich (Bob Hodges) 12 Children, Paulina Friedrich (Max Heinowski) 6 Children, Wilhelm Friedrich - my great grandfather (Olga Klingfus) 12 children. I have no information other than this regarding Caroline Fratzke. I did see on another site however that her name may have been Carolina. Any help would be great! Thank you!

Lynn & Karen Fratzke rusavedbyjesus2010@yahoo.com Wed Jan 4 22:08:59 PST 2012

Wow this is such an incredible thing to find this site! My wife and I are at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Karen is being treated for multiple myeloma. It has been extremely difficult and painful for her, but today she left the icu and is in the transplant unit doing great! So we are very thankful today especially after my wife awoke sometime after midnight early on the 3rd of Jan, that my wife woke up after being "asleep" for lack of a better word, for around 10 days. So we are praising the Lord Jesus for His wonderful mercy towards sinners like us, for His power to deliver, save, heal, restore and rescue anyone who cries out to Him. The Good Lord did a fantastic miracle here when my wife awoke. She was diagnosed with a post bone marrow transplant syndrome on Jan 2nd which might keep her unconscious for weeks. The CT scan and MRI showed swelling of her brain in the back of her head. Well the Great Physician, namely our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the only Son of our Father in heaven, Who rose from the dead on the 3rd day, showed up and changed weeks into minutes!!! Praise our God who daily blesses us and hears our prayers. The Lord Jesus is still providing the proof of the validity of His Gospel, by His mighty works, saving souls, forgiving and transforming sinners like me and you, confirming His life, death, buriel, and resurection by signs and wonders. Thank You Lord Jesus!!! Amen and amen. My grandmother Majorie Fratzke turned 100 in May 2011 and lives with her daughter Marjanne in Oelwein, Ia. Some years ago research showed that 3 Fratzke brothers moved from the old country or what is now Germany in the mid 1800s, don't recall the exact year but around 1867. Interestingly enough the Fratzke name was thought to have first appeared sometime after the early 1300s after the Fratricelli, a Christian order which may have been critical of the pope, left Italy for northern europe to escape the wrath coming from the vatican. Thank God things have improved so much since those days. We expect to be here at the Mayo clinic for several weeks as my wife recovers, love to all, Lynn&Karen Fratzke;))

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Steiner VGhTRpMThZeOWoHGsla Sun Feb 19 08:52:44 PST 2012

We coptlemed our workshop about 3 hours ago in MN and it was amazing!! The MN community introduced A9W to 12 new souls on a freezing rainy day where all those that signed up came in spite of the weather!

Annette Edwards-Barnes don.barnes1@frontier.com Thu Feb 23 20:08:27 PST 2012

My mother was Helen Lucille Fratzke-Edwards, born 2-19-1923 in Fairbank, Iowa to Bertha Busse-Fratzke and George O Fratzke. Grandpa George was the 6th child born to Ludwig and Ottilie Dumke-Fratzke on 2-12-1893. Great Grandpa Ludwig Fratzke, his father Michael, and 2 brothers Gustav and Augustus came to the U.S. from Germany. Gustav owned a berry farm near Oelwein, Iowa. Augustus was a linen weaver in Germany. Great Grandpa Ludwig and his father, Michael bought a farm in Fairbank, Iowa...about a mile away from Augustus and his family. Great Grandpa Ludwig & Great Grandma Ottilie had seven boys and four girls. In 1961, when I was 12 years old, I traveled with my mother, Grandpa George, Grandma Bertha, and Uncle George Jr. to attend the funeral of Vioet Hill-Fratzke, wife of Great Uncle Otto. After the funeral we went to Great Aunt Johanna's house for a visit and dinner. As close as I can remember, most of the Fratzke family was there. Like all good cooks from Iowa, Great Aunt Johanna prepared a feast, with of course, corn of the cob!! I can still see Great Uncle Ted reaching up to remove both of his hearing aides and then placing them on the table next to his plate!! Later he explained that the hearing aides amplified the sound of the crunching corn!! Bertha and George lived most of their life in Aberdeen, South Dakota. In the late 1970's they moved to Idaho due to health reasons. Bertha passed away 4-23-1980 George passed away 5 days later...we all suspected due to a broke heart over the loss of his Bertha. In 1982 Great Uncle Leo (Leopold) put together a booklet for the family "The Genealogy of the Fratzke Family". Great Uncle Leo was a Pearl Harbor survivor. He and his wife Fern never had children. I would be pleased to share memories with other Fratzke family members.

Carter Sprogis arquero87@gmail.com Thu Mar 15 09:38:21 PDT 2012

Signing in for the first time, apparently. I thought I had posted on here before, because I know I've seen the site before, but I guess I didn't. I am descended from Michael and Wilhelmina Fratzke of the Jesup, Iowa area, though you'd never be able to tell based on surnames because my connection is through the female ancestor of every generation. Coincidentally, the reason I've been focusing on the Fratzke genealogy once again is because Annette (comment above me) contacted me on Ancestry.

Sometime in the future, I plan on trying to track down all the descendants of Michael & Wilhelmina to organize one giant family reunion. Would anyone else be interested in this? What would be the best method to contact everyone—a website, an email list, a Facebook group? I'd love to hear your ideas; shoot me an email. Forgive me if I take a while to respond, because I don't check the email I used to sign this post very often. It's my "spamming" address, since this will be out for the world to read. =P

Annette Edwards-Barnes don.barnes1@frontier.com Thu Mar 15 21:25:18 PDT 2012

MORE FRATZKE MEMORIES! As a child growing up in North Idaho, I have fond memories of visits with Grandma Bertha and Grandpa George Fratzke when they traveled from South Dakota by train. As is usual for most train trips, they always arrived late at night! Mom would make me go to bed early in the evening...and then get me up later for the drive to the train depot in Spokane, Washington. ( a note of interest, all that remains of the depot today, is the clock tower. The station was torn down, and became the site of the 1974 World's Fair Expo) I can still feel the tingle of excitement standing there watching the train pull up...and see Grandma & Grandpa peeking out of the window!! Grandma Bertha was always the elegant lady, dressed like she stepped out of a magazine...with her favorite accessories, gloves, and necklace w/matching earrings! And all of this after a long train trip from South Dakota! In 2007 my husband and I took our 5 year old grandson on a train trip to San Diego, California...and there is no way I stepped off the train looking like Grandma Bertha!! While Grandma & Grandpa were here, they would always ask for a day-trip to one of our many mountain peaks. The best day-trip was up to Polaski Peak. It was a very narrow, dirt road....and Grandma Bertha would squeal very loudly if Dad got too close to the edge of the road!! (another note of interest, Polaski was a famous firefighter in our area who developed the polaski tool for fighting fires...1/2 shovel on one side, and 1/2 axe on the other side, and still used by firefighters today) The sad time was saying goodbye to Grandma & Grandpa...but we always knew we would see them again soon, as we always took our summer vacation and went back to South Dakota!!

Annette Edwards_Barnes don.barnes1@frontier.com Sat Mar 17 21:25:00 PDT 2012

GRANDPA'S FAVORITE! Summer always meant one thing for absolute certain...we would be making the painfully long road-trip to Aberdeen, South Dakota to see both Mom & Dad's family. It was always so hard to leave my beautiful Idaho mountains and make the long trip through the barren state of Montana!! The only thing to do was SLEEP..only because it made the time go faster! Grandpa George O. Fratzke had his own business in Aberdeen, South Dakota...Fratzke Sheet Metal. He specialized in furnace and air conditioning, but could make anything out of metal!! In the early years of his business, he would tell us of the stories of the young Menonite children who would come to town with their parents. Unknown to their parents, they would stash fresh fruit and vegetables under their clothing....and once they were in town, they made a hasty trip to see Grandpa at his business. They would quickly make a trade for a few coins, and then dash out of the store. Grandpa always watched to see where they would go....and it was always straight to buy some icecream or candy!! Summertime in South Dakota was always very hot. In the evenings Grandpa would take you by the hand and tell you it was time for a treat!!! We would go down into the musty smelling basement and get the icecream out of the freezer. Next we went to the special spot where Grandpa kept his supply of "Hires Rootbeer". We would scurry back upstairs and anxiously watch as Grandpa made the best float in the universe!! Grandpa taught me the fine art of watching birds. He had a backyard that all of the area birds knew was the best spot in town! Grandpa made his own copper birtbaths...and the birds enjoyed splashing in the water. One summer when Grandpa George and Grandma Bertha came to Idaho for a visit, he brought a copper birdbath that he had made just for me!! Yes, I am 63 years old now...but I still have that birdbath...and everytime I fill it up with fresh water, I think of Grandpa!!

William F Fratzke billfrat@gmail.com Fri Apr 6 09:55:04 PDT 2012

About to start some family history research (I'm now 72, born in Mankato to Wilfred and Opal who owned the Hilltop Greenhouses in the 30's, 40's and 50's.) Will be going through the posts on this site in the near future.

Julie Fratzke jewell49_@yahoo.com Sun Apr 29 21:46:14 PDT 2012

My name is Julie Fratzke. I was born in Hutchinson, MN. My parents who are now deceased were P. David Fratzke and Charmaine Litfin Fratzke and my Grandfather was Paul Fratzke married to Mildred Ramberg Fratzke. That is as far back in the family tree that I have record of. Would be interested to know more if someone is doing research and could tell me more about the family lineage.

Lorene Kiekbusch k_lorene@hotmail.com Fri May 18 16:12:40 PDT 2012

Hello, I am the granddaughter of William & Hulda Fratzke. I'm putting together some family history documents and I was just wondering if anyone would have any photographs of Carl F. & Augusta Fratzke (parents of William Fratzke) or John & Augusta Wronksi Schultz (parents of Hulda Fratzke)?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have any of these photographs. Thank you!

Kathlyne Fratzke Anderson kanders842@gmail.com Fri Jun 1 18:26:24 PDT 2012

Hello fellow Fratzke's! I posted on this site May 15th 2002! It's been a while and my contact information has change. I have found out a bit more information...

Ten years ago I left off with my grandfather Norman R Fratzke. I have since found that his parents were Herbert P Fratzke Sr. and Cora Z Fratzke.

I think I have found some additional information stating that Herbert P Fratzke Sr. is the child of Gustav and Julia Fratzke.

If anyone has any additional information or can simply just confirm that I am on the right track, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)

Annette Edwards-Barnes don.barnes1@frontier.com Sat Jun 2 09:19:38 PDT 2012

Kathlyne..here is some Fratzke info that may add to what you already have on hand. Michael (also spelled as Micael) Fratzke, born in area around Poland/Germany..1810 died in Iowa 1891. Married Wilhelmena Shrom 1818-1890. In 1876 they came to the U.S. with their 3 sons. My Great Grandfather Ludwig Fratzke,1855-1935 & wife Ottilie Dumke, 1863-1946. August Fratzke, 1843-1920 & wife Wilhemina Tetzloff, 1846-1923. And....Gustav Fratzke, 1840 & wife Julia, 1859. My knowledge of Gustav and family is limited,as he and his family moved from Iowa to Nebraska...and that is where I am at a dead-end. I do know that Gustav's trade in Germany, Poland and Russia was that of a maker of windmills. In 1890, on a windy day in Nebraska, he was blown off the top of a windmill. He survived, but was crippled by the fall. The family temporarily moved back to Iowa where they had a berry farm. After a few years the family moved back to Nebraska. Gustav & Julia had 7 daughters...and 3 or 4 sons. I do know that one of them was Herbert P. Fratzke, 9/1/1981 born in Nebraska and died 4/15/1957 in California. He was married to Cora, born 1899 in Kansas. Does any of this make a connection to you?

Annette Edwards-Barnes don.barnes1@frontier.com Sat Jun 2 09:20:34 PDT 2012

Kathlyne..here is some Fratzke info that may add to what you already have on hand. Michael (also spelled as Micael) Fratzke, born in area around Poland/Germany..1810 died in Iowa 1891. Married Wilhelmena Shrom 1818-1890. In 1876 they came to the U.S. with their 3 sons. My Great Grandfather Ludwig Fratzke,1855-1935 & wife Ottilie Dumke, 1863-1946. August Fratzke, 1843-1920 & wife Wilhemina Tetzloff, 1846-1923. And....Gustav Fratzke, 1840 & wife Julia, 1859. My knowledge of Gustav and family is limited,as he and his family moved from Iowa to Nebraska...and that is where I am at a dead-end. I do know that Gustav's trade in Germany, Poland and Russia was that of a maker of windmills. In 1890, on a windy day in Nebraska, he was blown off the top of a windmill. He survived, but was crippled by the fall. The family temporarily moved back to Iowa where they had a berry farm. After a few years the family moved back to Nebraska. Gustav & Julia had 7 daughters...and 3 or 4 sons. I do know that one of them was Herbert P. Fratzke, 9/1/1981 born in Nebraska and died 4/15/1957 in California. He was married to Cora, born 1899 in Kansas. Does any of this make a connection to you?

Deb Dobberstein deb.dobberstein@co.waseca.mn.us Fri Jun 15 10:15:17 PDT 2012

Hello, Fratzkes! I work in the Waseca Co. Minnesota Veterans Service Office and I keep track of all of our county's deceased veterans. I have 2 Fratzkes that I would like to know more about: John (1833-1896),Civil War vet, and his wives(3), esp. #1: Mary Gehring (I may be related) and Frank Fratzke, Spanish American War vet. You have a great website here! Thanks for any info I may get!

Meryl Fratzke Peters funlovinmer@yahoo.com Sat Jun 23 14:57:10 PDT 2012

Hello you special relatives!! Rob & I just came from our Fratzke reunion here in Hutchinson. We get together every two years. I am the youngest of five, Otto & Verna Fratzke were our parents. Marlow, Eunice, Bob, Dorothy are my siblings.

Meryl Fratzke Peters funlovinmer@yahoo.com Sat Jun 23 20:26:04 PDT 2012

Hello you special relatives!! Rob & I just came from our Fratzke reunion here in Hutchinson. We get together every two years. I am the youngest of five, Otto & Verna Fratzke were our parents. Marlow, Eunice, Bob, Dorothy are my siblings.

Barbara Saboe basaboe9@gmail.com Sun Jun 24 16:27:21 PDT 2012

This is in regard to request of info on John Fratzke and Frank Fratzke.John was my Great Grandfather, He married Mary Gehring abt. 1859. They had 3 children Herman b.1860, Amelia b. 1863, Charles b.1866 and William b.1868 Mary died in 1871. He than married Mary Gushe or Minnie Jan. 17, 1872. They had 2 childred, Hulda Fratzke and Gustav Adolph. She died when Gustav was 3 weeks old. John married Matilda Barbknechtin June 6, 1874. They had 3 children, Edward b 1878, Henry b. Aug. 1881, and Frank B. Feb.1884. I have no more info on Frank, only that he died Feb. 12,1907 somewhere in Mn. Henry Fratzke was my Grandfather. I hope this info helps.

Barbara Saboe basaboe9@gmail.com Sun Jun 24 16:28:00 PDT 2012

This is in regard to request of info on John Fratzke and Frank Fratzke.John was my Great Grandfather, He married Mary Gehring abt. 1859. They had 3 children Herman b.1860, Amelia b. 1863, Charles b.1866 and William b.1868 Mary died in 1871. He than married Mary Gushe or Minnie Jan. 17, 1872. They had 2 childred, Hulda Fratzke and Gustav Adolph. She died when Gustav was 3 weeks old. John married Matilda Barbknechtin June 6, 1874. They had 3 children, Edward b 1878, Henry b. Aug. 1881, and Frank B. Feb.1884. I have no more info on Frank, only that he died Feb. 12,1907 somewhere in Mn. Henry Fratzke was my Grandfather. I hope this info helps.

vance vancefousek@yahoo.com Fri Jul 13 10:35:39 PDT 2012

ill have to tell my step-dad gary fratzke how many fratzkes there are the cant even turn on a computer so ill have to show him

Amy McCarthy Mac1960@cox.net Sat Aug 11 10:23:15 PDT 2012

I'm not a family member of the Fratzke's but I was in the Army and was stationed with a David Fratzke, he had 2 children a son and a daughter. He was stationed in Finthen Germany from 1978 or 1979- the early 80's. If anyone can help me find this friend of mine please contact me.

Susan Fratzke Thompson Director44@aol.com Mon Aug 27 15:12:41 PDT 2012

I loved reading the family history/entries on this page. My dad is Charles Edward Fratzke, son of Edward Charles Fratzke and Clara (Zemple) Fratzke. He was born in Lyon county,MN in 1927. He has a brother, Harold, and 2 sisters, Dorothy(now deceased) and Phyllis.

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AspegeSype idv87sdyv78@e-mail.ua Sun Oct 14 21:03:17 PDT 2012

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Wanda Miller WJMnTexas@yahoo.com Tue Jan 29 18:02:14 PST 2013

Hello, Fratzke's! From Iowa.....My great great grandparents are Augusta and Wilhelmine Fratzke. My great grandmother is Emelie Fratzke and Herman Tribon. I am always interested in finding something out about the family and find the stories to be so interesting. The Tribons (Trebons) are also in the Littleton Cemetery. I am anxious to go back 'home' to check more of this out. Thank you for the great website!

Kris Zeeb kmzeeb@yahoo.com Tue Jan 29 19:50:28 PST 2013

I have read through your site and am puzzled that there is no mention of a Gustave h Fratzke b 1878 possibly in Marinette WI. His wife was Elizabeth Zeeb ( my husband's relation). I cannot find any of his relatives. What I am looking for is a family bible for the Zeeb Family. According to paperwork Elizabeth (Lizze) was in charge of it. Her sister Mary never married and my husband's father divorced Elsie Raygo and left his possessions with Lizze. If anyone has this bible I would appreciate speaking with you as we know so little about the family. Please contact me with any information. Thank you. Kris

renate fratzke renate.fratzke@web.de Sun Feb 3 10:00:31 PST 2013

hallo fratzkes, ich lese diese seite auch schon einige jahre. auch ich möchte mehr über fratzkes erfahren. leider haben wir hier in bayern keine verwandten mehr. die fratzkes kamen aus ostpreußen, dresden u.s.w. ein eintrag in einer alten bibel lautet: gustav fratzke geboren 08.11.1872 in bromberg , verheiratet mit marie helene elisabeth voß, geboren 13.okt.1874, geheiratet am 14.mai 1901 garnison bromberg.

es wäre schön , wenn einer der vielen fratzkes damit was anfangen könnte. grüsse an alle renate fratzke mit familie

mckenzie mugu@mgbada.com Fri Mar 29 23:55:23 PDT 2013

i read your site and love it please ndi oru keep off

Robert E Gray bobgray@wiatel.net Sun Apr 14 18:38:10 PDT 2013

Hello to all the Fratzkes and will include the Grays and possibly Grams. Upon looking over most of the postings on this site, I am only able to possibly connect with one. I am sure there are more, but the one to which I refer is from Gayle E. Dahlgren (1997) where she states that she "I am the oldest grandchild of Erick and Esther Fratzke (deceased) of Hutchinson, Mn. My great-great-grandfather, Carl August Fratzke, came over from Reetz, Germany in 1890". From the information I have been able to gather, Carl (? August) Fratzke came over from Prussia (Germany departure port Hamburg & Southampton), and appears to have arrived in New York on the ship Augusta Victoria on 26 April 1890. It also would appear that accompening Carl Fratzke were his wife Chhristena, daughters Mary, Emma, (my Grandmother who later married John H Gray), Pauline, Hulda and Theodora. Within the next few years they had a son Clarence and another daughter Esther. My possible connection being my grandmother Emma Fratzke Gray and Esther Fratzke (if maiden name) were sisters. Anyone being able to add additional information or response appreciated.

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