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Pictures by Kirk Fratzke (September 2003) 


The Grand Circle Tour
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Bryce Canyon National Park Photos
Bryce Canyon National Park
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Zion National Park Photos
Zion National Park
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North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park Photos
North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park
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  Trip Itinerary

  Friday, August 29th
  • Flew into Las Vegas
  • Got rental car and drove north on I-15 to Utah
  • Checked into motel in Cedar City and found a place to have dinner
  • Picked up supplies at Walmart
  Saturday, August 30th
  • Got up at sunrise and drove to Cedar Breaks National Monument
  • Continued driving through Dixie National Forest in route to Bryce Canyon
  • Red Canyon had interesting rock formations (lunch at Ruby's Inn)
  • Arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Drove road to end of park and then stopped at viewpoints on way back
  • Checked into Bryce Canyon Lodge
  • Checked out viewpoints around amphitheater
  • Tried to have dinner at snack bar (not good)
  Sunday, August 31st
  • Got up early to go hiking (first was trail closed)
  • Headed down from Sunrise point to Queens Garden
  • Hiked 5 miles of Peekaboo Loop trail
  • Had lunch at Ruby's Inn and hiked the Mossey Cave trail
  • Took short nap
  • hiked down again on the Navajo Loop trail through Wall Street
  • Went into town and had pizza dinner
  Monday, September 1st (Labor Day)
  • Left Bryce Canyon and took US Hwy 89 to Zion (tree covered limestone bluff just like Mississippi River valley)
  • Arrived at Zion National Park and really enjoyed the rock formation along the Mount Carmel Highway
  • Stopped at lookout with view of canyon and then went through tunnel
  • Checked into Zion Lodge
  • Hiked the Watchman trail (very hot, no shade)
  • Had dinner and rested for a bit
  • Hiked up to the Emerald Pools
  Tuesday, September 2nd
  • Hiked up the Virgin River to the Narrows
  • Meet other hiker and went about a mile above the Narrows
  • Back to lodge for lunch and then some rest
  • Went up canyon to take some pictures (started to rain)
  • Rain created waterfall all along canyon walls, went back up to Emerald Pools
  Wednesday, September 3rd
  • Left Zion Lodge and drove Kolob Road to Lava Point
  • Camera broke and headed to St. George, UT to buy a new one
  • Hand lunch and then drove to North Rim of Grand Canyon
  • Checked into Lodge and had dinner
  Thursday, September 4th
  • Checked out all the view points on the peninsula
  • Took lunch break and hiked a little down the North Kaibab Trail
  • Went out on peninsula again stopped at Point Imperial and ruins
  • Late afternoon rain didn't make for a dramatic sunset
  Friday, September 5th
  • Mule ride day to the bottom...
  • Scariest thing I have ever done in my life!
  • Mules walk on outside of narrow trail
  • Sheer drop offs of several thousand feet
  • Beautiful at the bottom, looking up at what everyone else looks down upon
  • Rained on the ride back up, added fun
  • Had nightmarish dreams during nap of falling
  • Tried for sunset again Cape Royal
  Saturday/Sunday, September 6th-7th
  • Left North Rim and drove back to Zion
  • Checked out formations along the Mount Carmel Highway again
  • Went through tunnel again and then headed to Kobb Canyon unit of park
  • Drove to viewpoints and snapped some pictures and hiked short trail (very few people around)
  • Headed back to Las Vegas for flight home
  • Had dinner on The Strip
  • Redeye flight back to Minnesota


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