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The life and times of me

Yea, more pictures! For some reason people like to look at others peoples pictures on the web, guess it's the same instinct that makes us slow down at car accidents. If only we can find somone on the web with a life more pathetic than mine I won't feel so bad. Here some snippets from my boring life — Enjoy :-)

Burrr...Cold Again in August
Slim budgets kept me near home this year for a trip to the north shore of Lake Superior with my newest suitor the schoolmarm from Potosi, say "hi" to Jodie.

The Last Hurrah
My now ex-girlfriend (for 5 years and 6 months to the day to be precise) Amy and I enjoyed a visit to the fabulous Excellence Playa Mujeres resort in Cancun, Mexico. These pictures are unedited directly from the camera.

The Great White North
The vacation of a lifetime, Alaska! It was a fantastic trip, except in 2008 it was colder and rainier that normal in Alaska so I didn't get to see all the awesome scenery I had hoped to. Still manage to get some good photos that are worth checking out.

Not Gilligan's Island
I have been meaning to (for longer than I care to admit) scan and add photos of my trip to Hawaii, I'll get to it some day, I promise :-)

Come Hell or High Water
The water always wins — 17 inches of rain fell on the Winona area on August 19 and caused flash flooding which devastated the area and eventually the apartment complex in which I lived.

The Most Beautiful Place in the World
Back to Yosemite National Park for a repeat visit, this time got up into the high country of the Sierra Nevada's and Tuolumne Meadows — it deserves the title.

Back to the Old Country
Gotta love old stuff, another trip to London (this time with a day trip to Paris, France) to see the sights and spend a lot of money in the process.

My Head in the Clouds
A trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, a great vacation in a beautiful place that cut short due to an illness. I can always go back!

A God Forsaken Place
You haven't been everywhere until you've been to the middle of nowhere! The National Parks in Utah contain some of the most beautiful landscapes in America, ideally hidden in places no person should want to go — unless your up for a little adventure.

Beach Bumming
Took Amy to Cancun for her 30th birthday...had a few beers and spent some time on the beach, it was a dream.

Following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, traveling through Washington, Oregon, and a tad-bit of California to see the rugged Cascade Mountains and to the turbulent waters of the Pacific Ocean, in between I managed to stop at a few National Parks.

Look Ma, A Big Hole in the Ground
Another trip to Las Vegas to see Grand Canyon National Park, this time from the South Rim...Yep there still is a big hole in the ground out there.

I am on the Top of the World
Looking down on creation and... My tour of the snow-capped mountains of Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks (with a few side trips). Craters of the Moon and Yellowstone.

Middle of Nowhere, Then Turn Right
My tour of the "Grand Circle" National Parks of Utah and Arizona. Bryce Canyon, Zion, and North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Exploring the Left Coast
My trip to Yosemite National Park and the Pacific coast near San Francisco.

Go West Young Man
My summer vacation in Yellowstone National Park and points in between. Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Little Bighorn Battlefield, and the Badlands.

London: The Sequel
More 'old stuff' from my March 2001 trip.

This is London Calling
Various snapshots from my recent hop across the pond to London.

Vegas Vacation
Not exactly the Griswolds, but close... me on vacation in Sin City!

Where the Boys Are
If only picking up women were that easy... never made it to Fort Lauderdale, but here's my trip to Florida.

Feeling Minnesota
I don't know if you will feel it... some pictures I've taken of the scenery around my home of Winona, Minnesota.

Men at Work
Well we all can't work all the time... some snapshots of me not working, shhh! don't tell my boss.

Dumb and Dumber
We all act stupid from time to time... I just seem to do it more often an others, and there's always someone with a camera around, right?

Animal House
Here's my photo editorial on why you shouldn't drink... it makes you look stupid, see for yourself :-)

Born Free
No exactly a lioness... here's some more pictures of my cat Kristy.


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