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Hope you enjoyed your visit to my corner of the Web. Below are comments other people have left about my home page. Tell me what you think about the site, it's contents, presentation or just say hello. Add your own comments using the form at the bottom of the page. Newer comments are added to the bottom of the listing.

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Glen Schumann Wed Jan 1 16:34:25 CST 1997

Wow! I'm impressed. Why do I even put up a home page?

Al Villa Thu Jan 9 21:38:40 CST 1997

I'm the boyfriend of a Fratzke (Jennifer). Does that count? Cool web page.

Lumpster Sun Jan 12 14:09:06 CST 1997

Nice page my "real time" friend! You still don't get as many hits as I do! hehehe! What happened to that little java-script thingy? I needed to swipe it and now it's gone! BTW -- Nice cat!

Judi Jeremiassen Don't have one. This is cool. Tue Jan 28 20:08:25 CST 1997

This is really cool and I hope to get good at this. The class is excellent and I plan to come next week and then I'll be an expert--right Kirk? Hope so11

cam kryzsko denver colorado none Sat Feb 8 17:47:08 CST 1997

i am just learning how to use a computer in a libary in denver colorado i am originally from winona my sister teaches at st. marys college i can see how people get addicted to these things.

kathie Fri Feb 28 20:09:54 CST 1997

Love the cats paws. We have 3 cats of our own.

Luke Fratzke Mon Mar 10 12:57:20 CST 1997

I'm proud to say that yet another Fratzke has been here!! I am a student at St.Cloud State University in St.Cloud,MN. I am originally from Cold Spring, MN. My grandfather is Harold Fratzke. Type his name in on net search and you'll see one of his inventions. If any of you Fratzke's want to talk, feel free to email me. -£uke

Jackie Burns PCB-worldwide-jburns.@postoffice.world.att.l Thu Mar 20 16:56:22 CST 1997

Fratzke: 3/20/97 is my first day surfing the Net. I spun a roulette wheel as an experiment in surfing and I got your page. Its very cool indeed. And it's so cool that people have responded as they have. I'm going to have a page created for my business which is selling Printed Circuit Boards internationally. Maybe I'll take some tips from your readers... Best of Luck with the family digging. JB P.S. My other Email is

Robby Mann Sat Mar 22 22:31:58 CST 1997

Hey! I'm not a Fratzke. What am I doing here???????????????? Oh, I used to live in Winona, St. Cloud, Peterson. MQ in Winona has been gone a loooooooooong time. The Press in St. Cloud is gone also. See what happens when heaaaaaaaaaaavy drinkers move away. I bet the Legion in Peterson still survives. Nice busy page with lots-o-stuff. Go gophers!!!!!!!!!!!! Final Four...........

Bobbie Ann Spearman Thu Mar 27 16:01:21 CST 1997

God is Great!

PAN Fri Mar 28 08:55:44 CST 1997

I like your cat the best of all.

Cami muller fjskl@jdkljflkas Sat Apr 5 19:11:53 CST 1997

I thought that your home page was very informative. Even though I am not part of your family I am interested in all kinds of these things.

Hans Jeremiassen Tue Apr 8 07:10:04 CDT 1997

Great home page you have here -- please remember to check my new homepage


Sandee Lee Tue May 13 19:19:34 CDT 1997

I'm a cat lover too....great page as my granddaugher would say "kewl".

Barry Streater Mon Jul 7 11:31:03 CDT 1997

I searched on streater and was directed to one of your guests Scott Streater

Sorry to have to say it but the possessive of it is its, not it's (see your intro)

Otherwise, very good, especially the colours and the signature

M. Benike Fri Jul 11 21:58:14 CDT 1997

Page looks great. Can you tell me if the newspaper you work for has their obits indexed & on computer? I need to find some obits & don't get to Winona at all. Would you please check & let me Know? Thanks a bunch

Trout Tue Jul 15 18:22:36 CDT 1997

Nice page. long time friend of kiki heard your name tossed around in conversation. all good. *s* so came to check you out great job with bb. I'll be back got it bookmarked

Jan Sundstrom Mon Jul 21 17:14:33 CDT 1997


I've been helping out Kathy Fratzke (Sundstrom) with some genealogy. I noticed she's a relative of yours. Say hello to her when you see her! ;-)

*RED TAIL HAWK* Wed Jul 23 22:53:59 CDT 1997

Hi Kirk my friend! Just stopped in finally to check out your homepage. Good job...but hey, you might need some spell checking done. Wanna hire me?? *G* Thanks a million again for bringing back the chatroom. We sure did miss it while it was down. BTW, I loved the photo section. The images were so clear and you have certainly managed to "capture the moments" with your wonderful pics!! Hugs *twin*...*EG*

CHRIS RAFFLE Sat Sep 13 15:38:53 CDT 1997

Now I'm confused!!!!!! I was trying to find information on PEN RYN , a school in Pennsylvania and Lycos gave me your site. Any idea why? Anyway, It looks really nice even if I'm not related or it doesn't help me in my search.

Dalana Fri Sep 26 13:12:38 CDT 1997

Kirk, nice page. Some poopy bird give me your addy! *smile* And btw, thanks for the chatroom. It's home, and I love it!

Rhonda Fri Sep 26 14:40:35 CDT 1997

Hi Kirk. Tried this before and it didn't work. Have ran all over your site. Very nice. Have a daughter working in Winona last two years--graphic artist at Wincraft. Same name as your cat--almost! Need her to just do a simple home page for me. Wish I lived there. Would take your class. Beautiful city. I am into genealogy BIG TIME, but no links with your name. Bye.

Sarah & Joe Washco Mon Sep 29 23:36:05 CDT 1997

Nice page Kirk! I like your cat!!!

Kristy Husted Wed Oct 1 08:38:48 CDT 1997

I like your cat. It is pretty cool! Good-Bye.

Springtime Rain Tue Oct 21 13:57:20 CDT 1997

hey, way cool place You have here and great photos... oh, Your cat is cute...

RKO Fri Nov 7 15:54:58 CST 1997

Howdy, Cool Page. Mert is a friend and she's the one that steered me on to this. I love these learning experiences.

Anne Marie Wed Dec 17 16:19:53 CST 1997

Remember me... I am the one you sat across from every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning..... Just wanted to say hello...... I hope all is going well......

Dalana unknown Mon Dec 22 12:03:07 CST 1997

Just looking around and saw my name on here so I just wrote this. Got to go bye bye.

Kelly Fri Dec 26 17:12:50 CST 1997

I looked over your family tree information and noticed a couple of familiar Winona, Mn surnames that are in my family tree--Lingenfelder and Waldera. So hi Cousin!

Sara Rhines Tue Jan 20 09:52:48 CST 1998

Congratulations on becoming an Uncle! What a cutie Ethan is! (Beth is my BOSS).

Tom Davis Tue Jan 20 10:00:58 CST 1998

Not only are you cute, inheriting your mom and dad's good looks, but brains too! Look! You've already developed your own unique signature, and put together a great web site to boot.

Don't be too rough on mom & dad. Don't cry too much. Let them sleep once in awhile, eat a lot, and continue to be adorable!

Tom Martin Tue Jan 20 17:11:02 CST 1998

Sure did like you home page uncle Kirk. I hope that good old Winona is not too cold, because Memphis is allowing us to play golf etc. Will talk later....

Richard and Kristin Fratzke Sat Jan 31 12:38:07 CST 1998

We just found the e-mail address on your website for Dick's brother Ronald Fratzke. We have been asking him for years if he had an e-mail address yet and he never produced one for us!!! He's in trouble now!! It was neat to find a website for Fratzkes as this branch of the Fratzke tree doesn't know too much of their father's heritage as he passed away while the children were very young (Ronald was yet unborn). Thanks for the site!!! We'll check back.

Katie Fratzke Fri Mar 13 22:54:36 CST 1998

Hi I am a Fratzke I am the daughter of Richard Dean Fratzke and the granddaughter of Norman R. Fratzke. I am sorry to say but I have never been aware of you at all. So since my last name is Fratzke I decided to write.

Richard Fratzke Sat Mar 14 19:48:10 CST 1998

Hello from Maryland. Born in California. Father is Norman Richard Fratzke also born in California. Am father of Trista, Courtney, Matthew, Kathlyne(katie), Ashley, Hillary, and Andrew.Contact me at the above e-mail. TTFN(ta ta for now)

~~~tig Sat Mar 14 22:09:20 CST 1998

Say Hey Capt'n...I know this message is way over due...but now that I have met you it means something more than just words...*S*...It was nice to get real time hugs from you...I want to thank you for keeping the Chatroom running...not an easy task with the "Family"..*S*..Liked your home page and I like you...both very high tech...*S*...~~~tig hugs sweetie

Ben Sat Mar 14 23:04:31 CST 1998

Cap'n Kirk:

Found my way here via your ASFS Corner site. What's up with that? The site looks pretty much dormant. Any plans to revive it? Let me know when you get a chance.

ANGEL Wed Mar 18 13:18:02 CST 1998

Interesting page...would love to do geneology on my family, but can't go back far enough..American Indians...don't think they kept much history...records have been burned...thanx for having a chat room...I'm from the original 40up group in Net Central...now I mainly chat in Vela...but I do come to visit friends here...ie...RedTail Hawk, etc...keep up the excellent work...


Delcora aka Deb Sat Apr 18 13:45:49 CDT 1998

Kirk, was good meeting you in February. Ahhhhh I have some "interesting pics" of you from that meet too *LOL* nice site btw.............you need to come into your chat one night when we are all there......

Genny Mon May 11 17:48:10 CDT 1998

Are you any relation to Jean Fratzke? I went to school with her.

DARREN Wed May 20 01:55:40 CDT 1998

i've enjoyed my stay at your page..

Erik Hinds Mon Jun 8 00:00:28 CDT 1998

Another smashing job Kirk! Keep up the good work.

Den Kasprzyk Thu Jun 11 12:47:33 CDT 1998

Have a second cousin, Betty, that married a Fratzke. they also reside in Winona

Captain Kirk Wed Mar 17 16:30:38 CST 1999

Test...Sorry, lost six months worth of stuff due to a technology burp...

Tammy Fri Apr 9 14:54:17 CDT 1999

You have a neat homepage, nice pictures. Stop by mine sometime and be sure and sign my guestbook. Have a great day and keep up the awesome job.. :-)

Lisa Sun May 9 16:19:23 CDT 1999

Hey there Kirk, you don't know me but I go to Winona State like you did. I have one year left of school and would like some info from you if possible. I'm a workstation troubleshooter and am just starting to research companies and such for the big graduation next May and I was wondering if sometime we could get to together and talk computer? I want to make myself the best candidate for jobs, and since you already have a job....you might have some good tips. Let me know...I'll also send you an email in case you don't check this board often.

Alyssa Tue Jun 22 12:41:09 CDT 1999

Love the page. I guess I don't have the right last name, but that's okay. Where'd you get your cat?

Brandy Anderson Thu Jul 15 18:59:45 CDT 1999

Hi nice page. I'm the grandaughter of Melvin Fratzke(of Pierre,SD). I was looking to see what kind of pages might have some relations of ours on it... Brandy

Bridget Wed Jul 21 09:59:11 CDT 1999

I really liked your slide show and am wondering if you ever do wedding photography? Both my fiance and I thought your pictures were amazing and would love to have a really talented photographer shoot our wedding. We're getting married in August of 2000 and want a photographer who doesn't do much in the way of poses. If you are not available for this sort of work, do you have any friends or acquaintances who might be interested? Please email me with any suggestions. Thanks!

Sydney Jane Fri Jul 23 04:20:33 CDT 1999

Hmmm... what yahoo ad? What can an awesome pussy like mine possibly have to do with a yahoo ad? ;-) Nice site Kirk. Very informative. How tall are you? Although my site may SEEM to give an impression that I am not single, that impression is completely false. I am VERY single, and the ad that you were referring to has disappeared. If YOU can remember what it said, please enlighten me... "Keep your smile sunshine :-) It looks better for both of us."...~Syd & her personal attendant

dirk fratzke Fri Jul 23 04:20:33 CDT 1999

hello iąm from germany mey name is dirk fratzke

with best regards


Bob Sun Aug 1 15:14:45 CDT 1999

kirk fratzke owns you ! =-)

Dawn Mackivitch Thu Aug 12 18:38:42 CDT 1999

I really enjoyed being nosey and going through all your personal info when I stumbled accidently upon your website. I am from Springfield MO and am thirty-something myself. I am in the hardest part of anyone's given life in that I am at the point of the teenage years raising my daughter!!! I hope that we can talk another time. We love cats!!!...Dawn

James P. Fratzke Sat Aug 21 20:37:35 CDT 1999

Enjoyed your photos. I am currently president of the American Association of Dental Editors and have edited several dental publications (mostly organizational).

I live in Salem, Oregon. My parents, Clifford Fratzke and Fern Dodd Fratzke are from the Waterloo-Jessup IA area.

Jim Fratzke

Beth (Bidne) Rutzebeck Sun Aug 22 16:21:16 CDT 1999


This friendly E-mail is from a fellow WSU PJ buddy. I hope you remember me and all the beers we drank at Shorty's with Jules - don't forget Sarah.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Beth (Bidne) Rutzebeck

Chip Hayes rtp@.com Mon Aug 23 14:58:52 CDT 1999

This was really more than I needed to know! But now that I do, the next meeting ought to be hilarious! I'll make sure your boss checks it our too.

Tracy Evans Tue Aug 24 18:07:20 CDT 1999

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of both Julia and Ethan.What a wonderful addition to the Fratzke Family! Best wishes.

Gayle Fratzke Waldera Tue Aug 24 18:49:20 CDT 1999

Hi Kirk, lovely pictures of our niece and nephew. I hope to see them soon. It's really cool to see you have heard from so many people especially the Fratzke's. Great job, I wish I knew more about the web system. Aunt Gayle

Rick Jones Fri Aug 27 08:11:18 CDT 1999

I am proud to say that I had the honor of being able to hold little Julia for the entire seventh hour of her new life. What an angel! Congrats Beth & Kevin. The pictures and website are great.

Chuck Frederick Tue Aug 31 12:33:47 CDT 1999

What!? No mention of your Winonan days, arguably the greatest time in your life!? That's when you peaked, my friend! Seriously, nice web page. And good decision on the photo of yourself. You really don't want anyone to know how you look, do you? Email me sometime, Frat man. I may never return to your web page. We need to get out golfing this fall again. Beer and carts this time. Nice autograph, too, by the way!!

Mike Smith Fri Sep 17 14:54:35 CDT 1999

I was searching the web for "Ellis Island" +"Fratzke" and found this website! Cool! My Fratzke ancestors lived in South Dakota - Carl & Augusta (Geyske) Fratzke - native of Pierre here! ;-)

Tim Schuetz Thu Sep 30 08:34:09 CDT 1999

Great pictures,,,,look forward to seeing updated pictures. Hope all is well as you head into the winter.

Annette LeBlond Fratzke Fri Oct 1 14:25:57 CDT 1999

My husband is Don Fratzke from Hutchinson, MN. Grandfather is Julius Fratzke who may be the younger brother of Carl. Julius married Bertha Leddin Dec.1, 1882. He was born Feb. 12, 1856 in Zehrten, Pomerania. Came to America in 1891. If want to know this family tree you may contact Katherine Fratzke Froemming, 20119 624th Ave., Litchfield, MN 55355-6468, Ph 612-693-6615. Daughter Michelle Fratzke, 26, is interested in her family history and I have Schultz relatives who may be linked to the Fratzke line through my mother's sice of the family. Small world isn't it?

Lisa Burdick (Tibesar) Mon Oct 25 15:37:33 CDT 1999

Hey Kirk! Kevin's kids are dolls! Where did they get those looks? Say hello to Carl and Rosalie! Maybe I'll run into them at the Elks at Christmas!


jen Mon Nov 8 21:23:21 CST 1999

your web page is quite unique hopefully one day i'm able to get a web page goin' you did an awesome job!!!!!!!!

Melissa Wed Nov 10 17:01:35 CST 1999

I ran across your webpage in a singles ad. I love your cat she's a real cutie, I have two of my own. I will probably e-mail you about myself. Enjoy!!!

LIBBY SULLY Fri Nov 19 20:02:57 CST 1999

Hi KIRK---I visited your state a few years ago for one specific reason... to go to the MALL of AMERICA. It was absolutely fabulous! Love your site. GO VIKINGS!!!

Michael C. Thu Dec 23 02:32:18 CST 1999

Merry Christmas Kirk, and a very happy New millenium to you buddy! Terrific site you have here. Although I program midrange computers for a living, I am in awe of your expertise!

Happy Holidays my friend! :)

John Dial Wed Dec 29 07:22:39 CST 1999

Kirk, Your site is great, so that must mean that you need a girlfriend. A man with a girlfriend does not have time to keep his website up to date.

Doris J. Roberts droberts@strato,net Sun Jan 9 15:02:20 CST 2000

I got so interested in your pictures, I almost forgot what I was going to ask. Great site by the way. Do you know of any Przytarski's in Winona? My family is from LaCrosse and many times I have had Walleyes at the Hot Fish Shop. Pretty far away now-Florida. I would appreciate anyone who can help. I know there was an Andrew Przytarski in Winona. Thanks a lot Doris

Brad Zunk Sat Jan 15 23:01:37 CST 2000

hey - good to hear you! ...from an old cartoonist at WSU I am looking for a picture of Chuck and Julie.

later. BWZ

Anne Fratzke Coan Mon Jan 17 13:48:34 CST 2000

I am a Fratzke from North Carolina (Coan is my married name.) My father is Everett Fratzke of New Bern, North Carolina. He's originally from Independence, Iowa. Everett's father was Albert Fratzke from the same area of Northeastern Iowa. Although there are not a lot of Fratzkes out there compared to some other last names, there are some of us.

Len LaCara Mon Apr 10 15:46:56 CDT 2000

Trolling the absolute depths of the Web, there's no telling WHAT you'll find. Glad to see you're doing well, Kurt. Good personal site, too. Give my best to anyone who might actually remember me back in my second hometown.

Mark Fratzke Thu Jan 4 01:15:03 CST 2001

Kirk, Aloha and happy new year, from the 'tropical' Fratzkes Me: Mark C. Fratzke and my children Anton C. and Violet J. Fratzke

Joshua Allan Fratzke Sun Jan 14 23:51:31 CST 2001

I never knew there were so many Fratzke's. I am 16 years old and hale from Jesup, IA. I love your site man. I don't know very much about the Fratzke clan, but I would like to learn a lot. If you would like to e-mail some history about our heritage, please do so. I am going to go to college at Viterbo University and try to make it as an actor. I'm great at amking people laugh, even my teachers. My group and I recieved a Division I rating at the State Speech Festival, which is very good if I do say so myself. Peace Out all you crazy Fratzke folks.

Bergo Tue Mar 13 23:46:05 CST 2001

Are you any relation to Eric and Bob Fratzke. I assume so. Nugent ROCKS !!! I'm on West 4th St., Winona. Nice site. Covers you quite well. I think I've seen your stuff with Win. Daily News, I guess it was good enough for me to look who the photographer was. Stay cool.

Brian Fratzke Brighton MI Mon Oct 15 19:48:41 CDT 2001

Grandfather/Gottlieb Fratzke Father/Waldemar

Cathy Sat Apr 27 21:58:29 CDT 2002

Noted that Gayle Marie married Robert Waldera - wondering if we have a family connection here. Is Robert Waldera's parents Benedict and Eleanor?

Keith Fratzke Wed Jul 31 03:36:24 CDT 2002


I'm working another night shift at the Sheriff's Office and was playing around on the web after writing numerous reports. Yes, still living in Winona and working in Wabasha County. Haven't seen you or Kevin for a while but still run into your dad and Bob once in a while. Love to see the name and where the hell we have relation living. Cool site!! Stay Frosty, Keith.

Jenna Fratzke Thu Sep 12 10:18:07 CDT 2002

Hello my names is Jenna Fratzke. I am doing a class project about my last name. I was wondering if ay of you " Fratzke" out there were related to " Robert Fratzke" of Jesup, IA.....or the Late"Rocky Fratzke" of "Jesup,IA"! That was my dad. if you know them or have any info. on them please e-mail me at

William Russell Fratzke www.mugen250@hotmail Wed Oct 16 02:37:42 CDT 2002

William Fratzke was here

jeannot schott Thu Nov 14 03:15:56 PST 2002

I found a web adress: www.fratzke.com/family/begining.html which could be of interest for you! Best regards to the states from Luxembourg.

Carl Hart ch93508 @ alltel.net Tue Mar 11 07:28:39 PST 2003

Hello! I enjoyed your presentation, especially England. After l5 days there last year, my wife and I are going back and rent a flat for a month or two this Fall. I'm envious of you, because we didn't get into the countryside like Harlach and Battle Castle. The Encyclopedia Brit., in their sketches on people tell the addresses of where they lived in London---Virginia Woolf, Keats, Browning, etc. We'll go look their houses up. You have a good day!

Della A. Bruens Mon Apr 14 14:53:18 PDT 2003

Got your info from searching Aug. Schatz, Germany re. 1000 dayclock which I now own. since #29 Fratzke family genealogy listed Bonnie Rae Fratzke Schatz, and William August - B Jan 2 1879 in Germany, I wonder if you have a clue to Aug. Schatz, made in Germany 1000 day clock, case is solid brass, plastic sides, screwed down with intricately designed bolts, stopped at 14:50 o'clock, hasn't been wound for some 20 or more years. Am looking for information as to how to get it to work again. Thanks, Della Crystal River, Fl. Apr 14, 2003

Amy Fri Jun 6 08:22:48 PDT 2003

Very interesting, Kirk...thanks for inviting me. Wonder if you'll even catch this message? You've got lots of fans, and I'm at the bottom...nice pictures...very intriguing, you are...

Rich Hultman Sun Jun 29 15:05:17 PDT 2003

The most complete personal website I have ever seen. Most impressive! I am surprised you consider me a friend to send me the link.

Carsten Fratzke Fri Feb 27 11:55:30 PST 2004

Hello I`m a Fratzke too. I came from Germany and I`m very surprised about so much existing Fratzkes. My father is Detlef Erwin Fratzke and my grandperents are Erwin and Jutta Fratzke. P.S. about an answer I woud be very glad see you

Scott Streater Mon Aug 23 19:04:52 PDT 2004

Ran inot this web site while looking for a relative in Florida. Pls feel free to contact me.As an old Winona resident I saw many names i recognised.

vandi mugu guyman Tue Sep 21 09:06:11 PDT 2004

A great site keep it up

Randy Fratzke Tue Oct 5 18:49:13 PDT 2004

My dads name was Floyd Fratzke, originally from Jesup, IA. I was born in Independence, IA and still have relatives there. I now live in NW Iowa and am "medically retired". I am a former Commercial Photographer from Waterloo, IA (maybe photography runs in the blood, Kirk!) I don't know a whole lot of history from our part of the family, both grand parents had died before I was born. I'll have to give the site address to my aunt. Great site!

vandi mugu guyman Thu Oct 14 02:49:58 PDT 2004

A great site.Keep off magasssssssss

Andrew Fratzke Fri Nov 5 07:33:37 PST 2004

Hi I'm in the class of 2007, and my father is Richard Dean Fratzke, son of Norman Fratzke. i have no clue that all these people with the last name Fratzke existed

Jenn Sat Nov 20 09:27:59 PST 2004

I look forward to chatting more and your photos are beautiful. I love Disney World! and I love to travel alone because I can go and do what I want whenever I want. But I cannot wait to find the right person to go traveling with if they can keep up with me and that isn't easy...LOL>

Guy Thu Jun 2 07:07:07 PDT 2005

Hey Frat. Nice web site. See you at Charlies!

Barbara and Tom Sun Aug 7 13:36:02 PDT 2005

Great photos, thanks for sharing! We will be taking the same "run" next month.

Petrenia Wed Aug 10 19:57:09 PDT 2005

Just surfed in, not a Fratzke, but really enjoyed your pics. Looks like we had a similar road trip to Yellowstone this past June. Have a look when you get a chance. www.imageevent.com/rino/vacation2005

Louie Fri Aug 12 19:49:38 PDT 2005

Hey Kirk, Just checked out your Grand Canyon pictures and rest of website also. The wife and I and other friends muled the canyon in 1996,now that's an adventure in itself.Many of your pictures are places we visited and brings back many good memories. Keep up the great website...Louie

Sandi Mon Aug 29 20:17:49 PDT 2005

I loved your photos - got hooked when I did a search for waterfalls in Glacier, but ended up spending several hours looking at your photos. I have the same goal - to visit all the National Parks, and have been to most. Keep posting those wonderful photos and I'll come back to visit soon!

Trista Fratzke-Young Thu Sep 15 10:23:21 PDT 2005

I am the daughter of Richard Dean Fratzke and granddaughter of Norman Fratzke. My sisters and brothers are Court, Ash, Katie, Mat, Hil and Andrew. I too did not know that this page existed. Hey to the family. Will check this page later. I love you guys.

Corky Thu Nov 17 06:57:31 PST 2005

yes very nice and good works here. will visit you again so goodbye for now.

Kamul Mon Dec 19 18:21:10 PST 2005

Terrific! A masterpiece!

Elihu Thu Dec 22 16:22:45 PST 2005

Wow this guestbook has been here for a long time!

Luke A. Fratzke Tue Dec 27 14:45:57 PST 2005

I see there are many Fratzkes out there for all over the place. I am in lime Springs Iowa, origianally from Chatfield MN, My father is Jeff, Grand-Father is Arthur, and Great Grand-Father is Arthur from Winona. I have 3 kids and 1 beautiful wife. Pretty cool to see the name on the web.

Carol Fri Apr 14 15:57:52 PDT 2006

Have only looked at the Yellowstone photos so far. They are great! Thanks for sharing them. CJ

Sarah do I have to give my e-mail address? ok Wed Jun 6 16:49:00 PDT 2007

Hey Kirk! It's Amy's sister!

I enjoyed your website. I had no idea that you were such an amazing photographer. The pictures are so beautiful! (the scenery ones....the drunk ones were kinda cool too.) :P

Mark Fratzke Sun Jul 22 14:48:26 PDT 2007

Hello I am very proud to be a Fratzke. I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My father is John Fratzke and my grandpa is Edward Fratzke both from Brandon, Iowa.

morgan Fri Sep 14 08:13:57 PDT 2007

Its awsome!I love it.When im 30 im moving to england.For now tennesse.So love pictures of England.Thanks.

Judi Fratzke Simon Mon Feb 18 13:44:05 PST 2008


I am the granddaughter of Herbert Paul Fratzke, Sr. He was married to Cora. They had 3 children: Roberta, Norman and my father, Herbert P. Fratzke, Jr. Roberta had three children: Carolyn, John and Ernie Pozzi. Norman had two children: Richie ( I assume that was short for Richard), and Cindy. Herbert had myself and a son named William. My father married Joyce Mae Null. We all lived in California when I was young. We lived in the cities of Vallejo, Walnut Creek and Modesto. I believe my father was born in Ohio. If any one thinks they might be related to me I welcome an email.

julia fratzke www.juliafratzke.com Mon Mar 24 14:59:58 PDT 2008

hi kirk this is your niece.i love kristy!

julia fratzke www.juliafratzke.com Mon Mar 24 15:05:34 PDT 2008

email me some pic of kristy.bye!

Erwin Detlef Fratzke Tue Mar 25 06:52:53 PDT 2008

Hallo Kirk, Gr├╝├če aus Germany-Sachsen. Wir haben eventuell gemeinsame Vorfahren. Meine Ur-,Urgro├čeltern sind Fratzke Johann und Fratzke Susanne, geborene Leu ( Orte: Wladislawo, Pinsk, Ruden bei Bromberg/Bydgosz Preu├čen - jetzt Polen ). Ein Sohn von ihnen hei├čt Friedrich Carl Fratzke ( * 01.09. 1848 ). Meine Urgro├čeltern sind Fratzke Friedrich und Fratzke Auguste; geborene Fenske. Kompliment zu den hervorragenden Fotos. Freue mich auf Kontakt - Ich reise ├╝brigens oft in die Heimat meiner Ahnen. D.

delaney Sat Apr 5 09:14:05 PDT 2008

hi! I am Julia's bestest friend EVER!!!!! I think that picture in Paris is weird.

delaney Sat Apr 5 09:19:01 PDT 2008

hi! I am Julia's best friend Delaney! Waz up?

delaney laneylou Sat Apr 5 18:27:37 PDT 2008

Hi Kirk. Did you visit all of those places around the world? Or did you just post random photos on there. I ask this question because, me and Julia think you just posted random photos on there. If you get on your website, add the answers on the comments table. Bye!

Delaney Thu Apr 24 16:45:14 PDT 2008

Hi Kirk! It is Delaney Julia's friend! Did you really travel to all of those places around the world? Because Julia and I think you are lying. Bye weirdo!

Peyton Thu Apr 24 16:46:15 PDT 2008

Hi! I am Payton Julia's friend. Waz up?

julia fratzke Sat Apr 26 14:10:32 PDT 2008

hi delaney what are you going to be doing over the summer?

julia fratzke Sat May 3 12:39:44 PDT 2008

hi!i'm kirk's niece julia. write back!

julia fratzke Thu May 22 13:35:42 PDT 2008

hi!i'm kirks niece julia,right uncle kirk?

julia fratzke Tue May 27 09:40:20 PDT 2008

hi people

julia fratzke Sun Jun 15 07:35:39 PDT 2008

hi people i'm kirks neice.

Donna Mae Marks Tue Nov 18 22:20:25 PST 2008

Hi Kirk,I finally got a computer after all there years! Gayle showed me your web sight. It's really neat to see the places you seen and people that sent you back message.I'll see ya at Christmas!!! Love Ya, Aunt Donna

Joey Fri Nov 28 05:24:53 PST 2008

Nice site, keep up the great work =)

ethan Wed Dec 3 15:12:15 PST 2008

hi people i am kirks nephew. purple cows are awesome

julia fratzke Fri Dec 12 18:54:01 PST 2008

i'm kirks neice , julia. i'm ethan's sister

renate und lothar fratzke Sat Jan 17 13:59:37 PST 2009

hello, we are lothar und renate fratzke to Germany /Munich. Carl Fratzke appears in one of our ancestors to be heemigradet to the USA and has no contact with our family. tante Dela Fratzke Dresden aunt has told us abaut it. Maybe someone logs on.Many greetings lothar and renate fratzke /munich germany

Donald Duke IV Fri Feb 27 18:21:00 PST 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures on your home page. Thank you.

Vic Walsh Fri Apr 3 08:36:39 PDT 2009

I love your site! It is the best, please keep up the fabulashious work, brother! Vic

mia Thu Jan 13 03:31:16 PST 2011

really quite interesting stuff! photos are great, impressive shots!

Joe Thu Jan 13 13:05:41 PST 2011

Like the site. Makes me feel sad how long ago it was since you started it thu, dnt time fly. Put on a couple of new photos dude.

Jorma K Sat Jan 15 14:42:20 PST 2011

Love the page. I guess I don't have the right last name, but that's okay. Where'd you get your cat?

don.rastelli Mon Jan 17 10:44:15 PST 2011

Love your corner of the world

Charles I. Taney Tue Jan 18 20:47:47 PST 2011

Stumbled onto your website. Really like the photos in the galleries- especially your portfolio.

Charles I. Taney

Leanne Fratzke Mills Wed Jan 19 07:30:13 PST 2011

With your sarcasum you're obviously a Fratzke. =) My great great grandpa was Carl A. Fratzke...are we any relation? He came from Germany as well. And started a church in Hutchinson.

Rev. Mickey Spilling Thu Jan 20 00:28:31 PST 2011

I wish I could travel as extensively as you!

*prays for a wad of travel money*

Richard Milker Tue Jan 25 09:19:54 PST 2011

Interesting site! The photos were awe inspiring.

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