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Pictures by Kirk Fratzke (June/July 2004) 


Snow-Capped Mountains of the Northern Rockies
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Glacier National Park Photos
Glacier National Park
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Grand Teton National Park Photos
Grand Teton National Park
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Craters of the Moon National Monument Photos
Craters of the Moon National Monument
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Yellowstone National Park Photos
Yellowstone National Park
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  Trip Itinerary

  Friday, June 25th
  • Flew to Kalispell, MT.
  • Picked up supplies at Walmart and grabbed a bite to eat at McDonalds.
  • Drove into Glacier National Park.
  • Check into motel - The Village Inn, nice lakeside location with view of distant mountains.
  • Drove up the length of Lake McDonald.
  • Hiked the trail to the Sacred Dancing Cascades and McDonald Falls (with a couple of detours)
  • Had dinner at Eddie's Dinner.
  • It stayed light out until 10:45 p.m. (longest day of the year).
  Saturday, June 26th
  • Rainy day!
  • Hiked to Avalanche Lake, five glacier feed waterfalls coming down 2,000 foot high cliffs into a turquoise colored lake.
  • Had lunch at a pizza place.
  • Drove the west side of the Going to the Sun Road to Logan Pass, very cloudy but some wonderful views of the mountains and valleys, first goat sighting.
  • Dinner again at Eddie's.
  • Took Amy into town to get more film, first bear sighting on the way back to the motel.
  Sunday, June 27th
  • Did the entire Going to the Sun Road, much better views with clearer weather, waterfalls everywhere since it is still spring in the mountains.
  • At Logan Pass hiked the still snow-covered nature trail to Hidden Lake.
  • Sack lunch in the parking lot of the Logan Pass visitors center, goats everywhere.
  • Ventured down the to the east side of the park for the first time to St. Mary Lake.
  • Hiked to St. Mary and Virginia Falls, Amy's feet got a bit sore and bandaged her up.
  • Took a short hike to Sunrift Gorge and Baring Falls.
  • Drove the Sun Road back to motel in Apgar, stopped at almost every turn out along the way.
  Monday, June 28th
  • Left the Village Inn and drove Highway 2 around the outside of the park.
  • Stopped at Goat Lick and followed the railroad track through Marias Pass.
  • Stopped at the grand Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier.
  • Went to Two Medicine area of park, had second bear sighting near entrance (got photo).
  • Short walk to Running Eagle Falls.
  • Hiked to Aster Falls and then up to Aster Park lookout.
  • Pretty drive through the hills of Blackfeet Indian Reservation to St. Mary.
  • Had lunch at local restaurant in St. Mary.
  • Checked into cabin at Rising Sun Motor Inn.
  • Took a drive up to Logan Pass on the Sun Road, spent some nice time at a viewpoint.
  • Had dinner at inn restaurant.
  Tuesday, June 29th
  • Took some early morning photos of Wild Goose Island in St. Mary Lake.
  • Drove up to Many Glacier area of the park.
  • Hiked to Red Rock Lake and Falls.
  • Had lunch at Swiftcurrent restaurant.
  • Took some pictures around Many Glacier Hotel and Swiftcurrent Lake.
  • Hiked up to Apikuni Falls.
  • Checked out the scenery again along the east side of the Sun Road and fed some chipmunks granola bars.
  • Dinner again at the Inn.
  • Spent some evening time at the Wild Goose Island viewpoint.
  Wednesday, June 30th
  • Left Glacier in route to Yellowstone.
  • Long drive along Highway 89, bailed on this route at Great Falls and took I-15 to Butte.
  • Had lunch Arby's and then headed east on I-90 for Yellowstone.
  • Arrived in Yellowstone and visited the hot springs at Mammoth.
  • Drove down the Yellowstone/Old Faithful area stopping at the Artists Paint Pots and through the Firehole Canyon drive.
  • Checked into cabin at Old Faithful Lodge and Cabins.
  • Had dinner in cafeteria, would not recommend this place.
  Thursday, July 1st
  • Walked the boardwalk in the Upper Geyser Basin all the way to Morning Glory Pool.
  • Watched an eruption of Old Faithful.
  • Had and early lunch at a burger joint.
  • Visited Black Sand and Biscuit basins.
  • Drove the Firehole Lake loop and stopped at the Midway Geyser Basin to see Grand Prismatic Spring.
  • Drove to Canyon with a detour on the Virginia Cascades drive.
  • Stopped and got some cash before heading over to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Lower Falls.
  • Stopped at Inspiration Point, Grand View, Lookout Point, Brink of Upper Falls, and Artist Point (learned why cell phones should not be allowed in National Parks).
  • Drove through the Hayden Valley stopping at Mud Volcano, got to see some buffalo.
  • Continued past Lake Yellowstone and south into Grand Teton.
  • Check into cabin at Colter Bay.
  • Had dinner at resort restaurant.
  Friday, July 2nd
  • Drove the park roads getting views of the Teton range from every vantage point, the outer park road actually provides better views than the road closer to the mountains.
  • Had lunch at Signal Mountain Lodge.
  • Worn out and took an afternoon nap.
  • Took a short walk before dinner on what we "thought" was a trail with views of Jackson Lake.
  • Dinner again at the resort restaurant.
  Saturday, July 3rd
  • Drove into Idaho after some taking some pictures of morning fog and clouds surrounding the Tetons.
  • Stopped at EBR-1 at Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.
  • Detoured around parade in Arco, ID in route to Craters of the Moon National Monument.
  • Visited the monument stopping at every viewpoint open.
  • Hiked up to the top of Inferno Cone.
  • Ventured into Indian Tunnel.
  • Had dinner at Pizza Hut in Idaho Falls on way back to Grand Teton.
  Sunday, July 4th (Independence Day)
  • Had breakfast in a restaurant for the first time!
  • Drove through the park again this time taking the Jenny Lake loop.
  • Took shuttle boat across Jenny Lake to see Hidden Falls and hike up to Inspiration Point.
  • Hiked a couple of miles back into Cascade Canyon until it started to rain, had great moose sighting.
  • Grabbed sandwich and had lunch in picnic area.
  • Napped again.
  • Finally hiked the right trail and got to see Jackson Lake.
  • Dinner at the resort restaurant.
  Monday, July 5th
  • Took a morning drive up Signal Mountain with some great views of Jackson Hole which were shared with some German and Japanese tourists.
  • Drove down to Moose and the Menors Ferry Historic Site.
  • Got some sandwiches and drove north for some view of Jackson Lake.
  • Went into Yellowstone and stopped at Lewis and Moose Falls.
  • Had lunch at lakeside picnic area.
  • Napped yet again!
  • Had last dinner at resort restaurant, our last bear sighting in the parking lot.
  • Drove to some viewpoints to check out the Tetons one last time, walked on the beach at Signal Mountain Lodge.
  Tuesday, July 6th
  • Checked out of Colter Bay and headed to the Jackson Hole airport for the trip home.


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